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Kids Yoga Stories 2018 Year in Review

Thank you so much for being a part of our vibrant, passionate community of kids yoga enthusiasts this year! We’re incredibly grateful for you reading our weekly Kids Yoga Stories newsletter and purchasing our products.

Mia’s Mountain Hike, Sally’s Visit to the Farm, Justine and Joey at the Zoo, and 123 African Safari all came out in 2018—and two more yoga books are in production and should be ready in 2019. Watch for Claire’s Camping Adventure and Elizabeth and the Magnolia Fairy. More digital yoga cards and resource books are in the works, as well.

I love writing our weekly blog posts and have heard success stories from readers who have implemented the kids yoga ideas into their homes, studios, and classrooms around the world. Kids yoga is spreading at an incredibly rapid rate as families and schools are turning to yoga and mindfulness to help combat children’s health issues, both physical and emotional.

My mission is to bring education, health, and happiness to children everywhere. I’m constantly inspired by how people plant the seeds of a yoga life in children everywhere. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
Below is our 2018 year in review:
Mia's Mountain Hike Award Winning Yoga Book for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

Yoga Book Awards

Mia’s Mountain Hike won a Family Choice Award this year. The Family Choice Awards recognizes the best products, services and resources for all members of a family. Now in its 22nd year, it’s one of the most coveted, family-friendly consumer awards programs in the nation.

Martin G. says, “As a father, as a kid’s yoga teacher, and as a hiking lover, this is a book that really touches my heart in many different ways. It’s a wonderful voyage through the forest that invites all the kids to explore nature and the outdoors through yoga poses. The text is quite simple and that´s very useful when you are reading stories to kids from 4 years old, but can be easily expanded and also adapted for older kids. I like to plan my lessons in time with the seasons and the holidays.”

Top 4 Kids Yoga Books

Our most popular yoga book was the award-winning feelings yoga book The Grateful Giraffe. Be a caring koala, a cranky crocodile, or a curious cat. Visit countries around the world, learn about various animals, and talk about feelings.

Jesse S. says, “As someone who works in wellbeing and education with early childhood years, books like this are really exciting and rare. A great deal of wellbeing-related material is talk-based and doesn’t get out of the head much. Unless our approaches to wellbeing include our bodies, we’re missing out on something important. The Grateful Giraffe is really engaging and fun with small children. Whole classes enjoy the quality illustration, the interesting animals and the movements that you can learn as you go.”

First place: The Grateful Giraffe
Second place: Rachel’s Day in the Garden
Third place: Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats
Fourth place: Jenny’s Winter Walk

The Grateful Giraffe ImageFirst Place: The Grateful Giraffe, Ages 2+ Rachel’s Day in the Garden (English) ImageSecond place: Rachel’s Day in the Garden, Ages 3+
Anna and her Rainbow-colored Yoga Mats ImageThird place: Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats, Ages 4+ Jenny's Winter Walk ImageFourth place: Jenny’s Winter Walk, Ages 3+

Top Yoga Cards for Kids

The most popular yoga cards for kids this year were the Yoga Poses for Kids Cards. Children can mix and match twenty-five yoga poses with twenty-five illustrated keywords (categories are Travel, Earth, People, and Animals). The yogi kids are multicultural from seven different countries. Pose index and pose instructions are included. Active and creative play that’s fun for all ages.

Jodi B. says, “I love these yoga cards! I teach Physical Education and have a daily yoga break with my Kindergarten, First, and Second-grade students. I use these cards for so many yoga games. I hand out the card with the character performing the pose and then the picture of the pose, and students need to find their matching partner. From here we can perform partner poses. These cards are the perfect size to fit into a child’s hand. I have a few sets of cards and these are my favorite!”

Read about How to Play with Yoga Cards for Kids here.

The second deck, More Yoga Poses for Kids Cards, includes another twenty-five yoga poses matched with twenty-five keywords (categories are Travel, Camping, and Animals).

These yoga card decks are also available in digital downloadable format:

Yoga Poses for Kids Cards | Kids Yoga StoriesYoga Poses for Kids Cards More Yoga Poses for Kids (Deck Two) - Kids Yoga StoriesMore Yoga Poses for Kids Cards

Top 6 Digital Yoga Cards for Kids

Feedback from readers told us customers wanted quick and easy thematic ideas. We continue to create these digital yoga cards that are easy to print out to your specific size and to play yoga games in your home, classroom, or studio. The top six digital yoga cards last year were:

Breathing Exercises for Kids Cards
Partner Yoga Poses Cards for Kids
Feelings Yoga Cards for Kids
Halloween Yoga Cards for Kids
LOVE Yoga Cards for Kids
Fall Yoga Cards for Kids

breathing exercises for kidsBreathing Exercises for Kids Cards
PDF Download
partner yoga ideas, cards, poses | Kids Yoga StoriesPartner Yoga Cards for Kids
PDF Download
Feelings Yoga Card for Kids
PDF Download
Halloween Yoga Cards for Kids
PDF Download
love yoga cards for kids, kids love cards | Kids Yoga StoriesLOVE Yoga Cards for Kids
PDF Download
Fall Yoga Cards
PDF Download

Top 4 Kids Yoga Bundles

We also offered thematic bundles with deep discounts to offer customers even more options. The top four bundles this past year were:

Yoga in the Classroom Bundle
Winter Break Activities Bundle
Kids Yoga Summer Camp Bundle
Monthly Kids Yoga Themes Pack

classroom yoga, yoga in the classroom | Kids Yoga Stories

Yoga in the Classroom Bundle


winter break activities bundle | Kids Yoga StoriesWinter Break Activities Bundle
summer camp activities, summer yoga activities for kids | Kids Yoga StoriesKids Yoga Summer Camp Bundle kids yoga poses, kids yoga themes, yoga poses for kids | Kids Yoga StoriesMonthly Kids Yoga Themes Pack


Top 10 Kids Yoga Stories Posts of 2018

According to Google Analytics, our top 10 most-viewed Kids Yoga Stories posts this past year were:

List of yoga poses for kids | Kids Yoga Stories58 Fun and Easy Yoga Poses for Kids Fun yoga games for kids in large groups | Kids Yoga StoriesHow to Play Yoga Games with Large Groups of Children
Arctic Animals Books and Yoga | Kids Yoga StoriesArctic Animals Yoga (Printable Poster) Yoga for Spring: yoga poses for kids to celebrate spring | Kids Yoga StoriesYoga for Spring (Printable Poster)
Learn about zoo animals with these easy yoga poses for kids by Kids Yoga Stories Zoo Yoga Poses (Printable Poster) 5 Breathing Exercises for Kids to help children to calm and focus | Kids Yoga Stories5 Breathing Exercises for Kids for Calm and Focus
Chair Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories40 Kid-Friendly Chair Yoga Poses Weather Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesWeather Yoga Poses (Printable Poster)
Learn about transportation through yoga poses for kids | Kids Yoga StoriesTransportation Yoga How to play with Yoga Cards for Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesHow to Play with Yoga Cards for Kids

Top 4 Roundups of Kids Yoga Sequences

For your convenience, find loads of thematic kids yoga lesson plans and sequences in these popular four roundups:

Kids Yoga Class Ideas
Seasonal Kids Yoga Lesson Plans
Monthly Kids Yoga Themes
Holiday Yoga Lesson Plans

Fun kids yoga class ideas for teachers, kids yoga teachers, therapists, and parents | Kids Yoga Stories#1: Kids Yoga Class Ideas Collection of year-round Seasonal Kids Yoga Lesson Plans and Coloring Pages | Kids Yoga Stories#2: Seasonal Kids Yoga Lesson Plans
Monthly Kids Yoga Themes | Kids Yoga Stories#3: Monthly Kids Yoga Themes Collection of year round holiday yoga ideas for kids | Kids Yoga Stories#4: Holiday Yoga Lesson Plans

Kids Yoga Stories Social Media Channels

As you probably know, we are active daily on a variety of social media channels to spread the word on the benefits of yoga for children. We spend most of our time engaged on Facebook, but we also love researching on Pinterest. Come join our growing community:

Facebook Fans: 17,000+
Pinterest Monthly Views: 1.0M+
Twitter Followers: 2400+
Instagram Followers: 1700+

Our 2018 top social media referrer for website traffic was Pinterest. Check out our boards here:

Follow Kids Yoga Stories on Pinterest

Looking Ahead to 2019

Make sure you’re signed up for our weekly Kids Yoga Stories newsletter to get up-to-date information about all the exciting releases we’re planning in 2019!

  • Two new yoga books, Claire’s Camping Adventure and Elizabeth and the Magnolia Fairy, will be released soon.
  • We have many digital products in the works, including new digital yoga cards and resource books.
  • The Kids Yoga Monthly digital subscription will be open to new members at the end of March and again in September. Join the wait list to keep updated.
  • We’ll be offering quarterly Kids Yoga Bundles at deep discounts.
  • There will be a few flash sales throughout the year to ensure that our yoga products remain accessible and affordable.
  • We’ll continue publishing weekly blog posts with loads of yoga ideas for kids.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for Kids Yoga Stories. We are constantly looking for ways to grow our community and help serve you with yoga tips and fresh kids yoga resources.

Thank you for your love and support. Here’s to another amazing year bringing the benefits of yoga to children!


Yoga Year in Review with Kids Yoga Stories

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