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Chakra QuizDosha Quiz
chakra quiz
Discover which of your chakras (energy centers) is most blocked!
Our bodies contain at least 7 main energy centers known as chakras.
Chakras ( in Sanskrit, “wheel of light”) are subtle energy bodies and are located deep within the body. 
Understanding which energy centers are blocked can open up an entire new level of self-discovery and healing. Clearing and balancing our energy centers can both heal our bodies and our minds. That’s why understanding your chakras and finding ways to balance these energetic centers is so vital.
You will also receive a handy Chakra Healing Guide for free to help you get unstuck and de-stressed.

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dosha quiz
Discover your dominant dosha (body type).
One aspect of Ayurveda (traditional health system) is learning about the three doshas, that are distinct body constitutions.

Understanding your dominant dosha type not only leads to a sense of a self-discovery, but also helps you make specific choices about your diet, exercise, yoga practice, and lifestyle that best suit your particular body type.
You will also receive a handy Dosha Healing Guide for free that provides additional suggestions, exercises, tips and more.

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