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Every week, I send out a newsletter with a combination of the following:

  • Yoga tips
  • Articles on parenting, yoga, travel, and books
  • Kids yoga sequences and lesson plans
  • Kids yoga resources
  • Kids Yoga Stories book updates
  • Media updates with videos and interviews

I’m always open to hearing what specific content you would like to hear about in regards to yoga, story, and global education, just email me at giselle at kidsyogastories dot com.

Thanks for being a part of our community!

Kids Yoga Stories

What our Newsletter Subscribers Say:

“I know that when your newsletter hits my mailbox, I can relax knowing that it’s not a just a marketing/money-making email. There is always free, helpful information with just enough detail. The newsletter immediately gives off a happy, positive energy. The format is organized and easy to follow. The illustrations are so simple, but beautiful.” – Victoria

“You are doing such a great work! Thank you for your help. I am just starting to teaching yoga to kids and your help is really helpful. You have a lot of wonderful and worthy ideas.” -Eva

“Thank you for your emails and passion for kids yoga it certainly keeps me inspired.” – Karen

“Here’s what I liked most about today’s Yoga Tip: I loved the story of “how yoga works”… I think it is inspirational and motivating to hear how positive the effects of any yoga practice is within our community. Yoga contributes to each of us uniquely and helps us be better people. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times again, Yoga saved my life! Thank you for sharing the story with us.” – Carolyn

“Can always rely on your newsletter to help and guide me where needed.” – Vicky

“I am a novice at this and greatly appreciate ideas from your website.” – Suzanne

“I’ve been using your website for quite a while – looking through the resources utilizing your lesson plans for ideas and monthly themes. It’s fantastic! My favorite :)” – Tina

“I love getting the yoga tips and ideas.” – Meredith

“Wonderful emails with great ideas!” – Barb

“I find your resources very useful and appealing.” – Patricia

“I discovered your resources last year. They add to my children’s yoga training so much.” – Anita

“I’m a big fan of your newsletters. You always have something interesting and relevant to share and your lesson plan ideas are so invaluable!” – April

“I really appreciate your email newsletter and have gotten many great ideas for teaching yoga to kids from you and your fantastic yoga books.” – Kathleen

“I receive your emails, and teach kids yoga at the school I work at as an interracial aide. I love receiving ideas and resources, it helps make may busy day easier and engaging for the students as I can then provide a variety of classes.” – Catherine

“I always look forward to your emails and my daughter benefits from so much as well.” – Melanie

“Thanks, Giselle. I always love reading your newsletters! Great ideas for Halloween!” – April

“I need to tell you that your mailing list is by far one of my favorite. It’s very complete, awesome, balanced, smart, … showing your good spirit and brain!” – Leelou

“I love receiving your e-mails they are filled with so much information and new great innovative ideas, so thank you :-)” – Julie

“I want to let you know that your work is my go-to for yoga with young children.  My students are inspired by your stories. Many days when I’ve felt less than inspired I’ve opened and email from you and it has been just what I needed.  Thanks a million.” – Sherry

“I appreciate your yoga stories and flows so much! It makes it much easier for me to teach yoga on Friday mornings to students.” – Melanie

“Your newsletter is a much awaited email. It’s filled with delightful, easy, and innovative yoga poses that you so lovingly connect with the day-to-day or special day activities. Great efforts indeed.” – Ritu

“Thank you, Giselle. Your emails are always so uplifting.” – Claire

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