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Kids Yoga Stories 2014 Year in Review

Thank you to all of you for helping to make 2014 such a huge success at Kids Yoga Stories.

Last year, the sales of our yoga stories doubled, and traffic to our website tripled.  Wahoo!

Though we only released one new yoga book (Hello, Bali), we spent a lot of time analyzing how to improve our yoga books and also on creating our first pack of yoga cards.  We also started the production of a brand-new series (ex. new illustrators, smaller-size books, and curriculum-friendly topics), starting with seasonally themed yoga books (order the summer and spring yoga books now).  We gave away almost 100 books over the year to help spread the yoga story love.

I love writing our weekly free content and have heard from readers that the thematic ideas have been used successfully in homes, studios, and classrooms around the world.  My mission is to bring education, health, and happiness to children everywhere.  And I love learning how teachers and parents are integrating yoga into their children’s lives.  From a music class in California, bedtime with a child with special needs in Canada, and to a new yoga studio in South Africa—yoga for children is spreading worldwide.  So inspiring!

Below you will find our 2014 year in review with links to our most popular yoga stories and kids yoga sequences:

Top 4 Kids Yoga Books

The most popular yoga book this year was Sophia’s Jungle Adventure. A close tie for 2nd to 4th place were Good Night, Animal World, Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats, and Luke’s Beach Day.  The Spanish and Portuguese translations of these titles were popular, as well.  Sales of the yoga stories doubled in 2014, which goes to show how people are embracing the integration of learning, moving, and having fun.  This is super exciting news!


Sophia's Jungle Adventure jungle yoga story by Kids Yoga Stories#1 Yoga Story for 2014
Sophia’s Jungle Adventure

Ages 4 to 7

Good Night, Animal World yoga bedtime book for toddlers and preschoolers | by Kids Yoga Stories#2 Yoga Story for 2014
Good Night, Animal World
Ages 2 to 5

Anna and her Rainbow Colored Yoga Mats | by Kids Yoga Stories#3 Yoga Story for 2014
Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats
Ages 4 to 7

Luke's Beach Day yoga book |Kids Yoga Stories#4 Yoga Story for 2014
Luke’s Beach Day
Ages 4 to 7


New Bedtime Yoga Cards

As readers requested, we were so excited to release our first 26-pack of bedtime yoga cards to match Good Night, Animal World (a bedtime yoga story for toddlers and preschoolers).  It took over a year to find the right printer located in the United States to create the yoga cards, and we love the quality of the cards.  I have been thrilled by the continuing popularity of the bedtime yoga cards, as I can see how much my daughter loves the cards, too.  Read four simple ways to play with the bedtime yoga card pack here.  For more information and to purchase your bedtime yoga cards, click here.

26-Pack of Bedtime Yoga Cards for Toddlers and Preschoolers to match Good Night, Animal World yoga book | Kids Yoga Stories

 Top 10 Kids Yoga Stories Posts of 2014

According to Google Analytics, our top 10 most-viewed kids yoga posts for last year were:

Yoga poses for kids: most popular post on Kids Yoga Stories for 2014#1: Kids Yoga Poses Winter Olympics Yoga by Kids Yoga Stories#2: Winter Olympics Yoga
Autumn Yoga sequence by Kids Yoga Stories#3: Autumn Kids Yoga Arctic Animals Books and Yoga by Kids Yoga Stories#4: Arctic Animals Yoga
Halloween yoga sequence to get your children moving and having fun this season | Kids Yoga Stories#5: Halloween Yoga  Learn the alphabet through simple yoga poses for kids inspired by Marcus Pfister's book on Kids Yoga Stories#6: Yoga Poses for Animal ABC

 Valentine's Day yoga sequence by Kids Yoga Stories#7: Valentine’s Day Yoga  Winter Activities Yoga by Kids Yoga Stories#8: Winter Activities Yoga
 Spring Time Yoga Poses for Kids by Kids Yoga Stories#9: Yoga for Spring  Learn about zoo animals with these easy yoga poses for kids by Kids Yoga Stories#10: Zoo Animals Yoga

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Top 2 Roundups of Kids Yoga Sequences

For your convenience, find the list of Holiday Yoga and Season Yoga links in these two roundups:

Collection of year-round Holiday Yoga Lesson Plans and Coloring Pages for Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesHoliday Yoga
Links to 19 holiday-themed kids yoga
sequences and coloring pages.
Collection of year-round Season Yoga Lesson Plans and Coloring Pages for Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesSeason Yoga
Links to 8 seasonal kids yoga sequences.


Kids Yoga Stories Social Media Channels

As you probably know, we are active daily on a variety of social media channels to spread the word on the benefits of yoga for children.  I spend most of my time engaged on Facebook, but I also love researching on Pinterest.  Come join our growing community:

Facebook Fans: 6000
Pinterest Followers: 4000
Twitter Followers: 1500
Google+ Followers: 500

Our top social media referrer for website traffic was Pinterest.  Check out our boards here:

Follow Kids Yoga Stories on Pinterest

Follow Kids Yoga Stories on Pinterest


Other 2014 Kids Yoga Stories Highlights

In 2014, I joined a group of mommy bloggers to write monthly goals.  It has been fun to look back over the year to see my personal transformation in regards to our relocation to New England.  The second half of the year was much more productive as our family has settled into our new home.  I want to share a few highlights from last year, from a meditation challenge to the monthly yoga series and attending to the first-ever National Kids Yoga Conference.

Monthly goals for December + 40-day Meditation Challenge | Kids Yoga StoriesCompletion of 40-day Meditation Challenge

How to do Butterfly Pose with Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesMonthly Yoga Pose Challenge

Kindness Yoga practices and activities | Kids Yoga StoriesMonthly Theme Project Monthly goals for October, 2014 by Kids Yoga StoriesAttendance at first-ever National Kids Yoga Conference



Looking Ahead to 2015

Don’t forget to join our weekly Kids Yoga Stories newsletter to get up-to-date information with this year’s content and newly released yoga books.  We are planning a few things in the coming months:

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for Kids Yoga Stories.  We are constantly looking ways to grow our community and help serve you with yoga tips and kids yoga resources.

Thank you for your love and support of Kids Yoga Stories. Here’s to another amazing year bringing the benefits of yoga to children!


Yoga Kids holding Kids Yoga Stories books


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