Are You Wanting to Bring Yoga and Mindfulness to Schools...

But you don't have the resources and a
plan to confidently implement it school-wide?

Welcome to the School Yoga Program

With this comprehensive 6-week step-by-step course, you will confidently create
a customized wellness program for your school community with ease!

Fall Session: October 21st - December 6th, 2024


Children Today Are Struggling With...

  • Emotional Dysregulation
  • High Levels of Stress and Anxiety
  • Lack of Engagement and Motivation in the Classroom
  • Challenges with Academics
  • Physical Inactivity 
  • Behavioral Issues

They often lack basic social-emotional skills and suffer the ill effects of this physically, in school, at home, in relationships, and in their communities.

And Teachers, Counselors, and Staff are Suffering Too With:

  • Overwhelm
  • Soaring Levels of Stress and Depression
  • Burnout
  • Thoughts of Quitting a Profession They Love

You may have taken other yoga or mindfulness programs and
walked away unsure how to really implement the ideas into your school....

Or you simply know that mindfulness and yoga is the solution
you've been searching for, but you
don't know...

But with the School Yoga Program ...

You will have a fresh approach, solid implementation strategy, and real support
to transform your school through yoga, breathing, and mindfulness, and improve the lives
of everyone in your school community.

Learn and Cultivate Fresh SEL Tools

Easily weave yoga, breathing, and mindfulness practices and tools into the school day.

Increase Readiness
to Learn

Create engaged classrooms and provide tools to help students be ready-to-learn.

Build Life-Long Skills

Promote real-world tools to help children increase self-regulation, manage emotions, and foster focus and concentration in and out of the classroom.

Enhance Your Personal Well-Being

Support the adults in your school community by empowering them with yoga, breathing, and mindfulness practices.

Meet Your Instructor & Guide

I'm Giselle, Founder of Kids Yoga Stories...

and I totally get it!

I know what it’s like to be a primary school teacher in chaotic classrooms with limited time and loads of curriculum to teach.

I also have a daughter who has additional needs.

In order to help children everywhere, including my daughter, manage the ups and downs of life, I’ve spent the last twelve years creating resources, workbooks, books, and guides for teachers, parents, and anyone wanting to bring yoga and mindfulness to children. 

And, I’m thrilled to finally bring you my biggest, most comprehensive offering yet and help you design your very own tailor-made school yoga program.

I can’t wait to meet you and work together toward a common goal—helping children be active and healthy and to get the most out of life!

Hands Down One of the Best Trainings!

Hands down one of the best trainings I’ve ever done in my 17 years of school counseling! It gave me a starting point in how I wanted to implement yoga / mindfulness into my elementary school. Along the way, the program offered great ideas, input, education, & support from a wonderful community of people who are just trying to make the world & our schools a better place! I continue to build on my school program, but I would’ve never made it (or probably even started it) if it wasn’t for this program! Highly recommend this program! You won’t regret it!

Amy D.
School Counselor

It shouldn't be hard to bring yoga and mindfulness to schools in a meaningful way!

How Does It Work?

Three Steps to Success!

school yoga program
school yoga program

What You Need to Know About the
School Yoga Program

Our most comprehensive program for anyone who want to build a successful school-wide wellness program ...

all from the comfort of your own home!

Upcoming Dates:

Fall Session: October 21st - December 6th, 2024

Be the Grownup Who Finally Brings Yoga & Mindfulness to the Entire School Community

What's Included:

  • 12 Video Lessons
  • 4 Workbook Guides
  • 13 Supplemental Guides and Resources
  • Additional checklists, worksheets, templates
  • Interviews, real world examples, and case studies
  • Yoga & Mindfulness 101 course specifically for you (value $150)
  • School Yoga Lesson Planning Course (value $97)
  • $50 credit to our store to be used on any digital products
  • Everything you need to make your planning super easy!

Support, Guidance, and Expert Instruction

  • 4 live group calls with Giselle and Cassandra Troughton (Community Manager for KYS) to bust through any blocks you may have and to help you make your ideas a reality.
  • 1 live one-on-one call with Giselle (Founder of Kids Yoga Stories) to get your started on the right track, brainstorm ideas, or review your finished plan.
  • Support and community via the virtual group calls and our private Facebook group.
  • 10+ interviews from various experts in the field (and growing).

Plus, upon successful completion of the course, you will also receive:

  • Status, recognition, and perks joining the ranks of
    "Kids Yoga Stories School Yoga Ambassador"
  • A digital, printable certificate suitable for framing
  • Ongoing support and community through Quarterly School Yoga Ambassador group calls
  • Submit your 135 hours to Courses4Teachers (or your district, if appropriate) for graduate-level professional development units/semester for a potential salary increase
SYP Yoga certification

I Loved the School Yoga Program!

I went into the whole experience overwhelmed and having no idea where to start my school yoga program. I had a ton of resources, but no exact doable, step-by-step plan—and just thinking about it made me anxious! This was the most practical and organized program. The breakdown of the materials made sense and was easy to follow, and I was able to accomplish everything I set out to do in only five days—with no anxiety!!! It was also affordable, the KYS team replied to all my crazy e-mails in a timely manner, and they gave input/suggestions specifically for my school yoga program (not just general statements—input specific to my program). AMAZING! Who even does that?! I've been a school counselor for over fifteen years, and this was one of the best workshops I've ever attended! I plan on being a lifelong member and supporter of Giselle and Kids Yoga Stories! 

—Amy Ketner
School Counselor

Kind Words from Teachers & School Counselors


"Your resources are a great fit. I want the students to learn strength in their bodies and mind—and experience what it feels like to be calm. I can do this by providing tools, games, and techniques. I’m so excited to build a strong yoga program at my school!"

- Ally


"My takeaway is that we’re not doing the yoga activities 'to' them, but rather we are participating in the activities 'with' them. I also never thought of teaching mindfulness through sensory activities. I can see that empowering the teachers because they are probably already doing a lot of mindfulness activities without realizing it!"

- Veronica


"My takeaway is that I’m already doing all these yoga and mindfulness activities, but now I need to bring the intentionality behind what we do. It will help me be present with the children. I feel more confident going forward, and now I have a workable plan!"

- Melanie

Resources are Invaluable

"I am truly grateful for the wealth of knowledge this course provided! After taking your class, I was able to persuade my school to allow me to teach yoga classes as an elective for my middle school students. This experience gave me the confidence to teach yoga full-time in daycares, schools, studios, and private settings! Your resources and books have been invaluable in that transition! (I also love using them with my young nieces as a way to get them interested in yoga too!). Teaching yoga full-time has been incredibly rewarding."

—Tamar Greengarden
Special Education Teacher/Children's Yoga Teacher

Make a Difference in the Lives
of Your Students Today

We only offer this course twice a year.

Next Session: October 21st - December 6th, 2024