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How to Integrate Yoga in your Home School (+ Printable Poster)

Bring the healthy benefits of yoga into your home schooling curriculum with these twenty-five kids yoga ideas. Also, check out the printable poster for forty ways to practice classroom yoga.

How to Do Yoga in your Home School

  1. Take yoga breaks to either bring calm or help energize (ex. tree pose, breathing technique, downward-facing dog pose)
  2. Organize a regular community service project
  3. Make yoga a daily five-minute ritual
  4. Sit quietly for a few minutes to help focus
  5. Introduce a new theme through kids yoga (ex. rainforest, ocean, jungle)
  6. Take a yoga field trip to the zoo acting out the animals (ex. bear, giraffe, elephant)
  7. Take a yoga hike and act out your natural surrounding (ex. tree, mountain, bird)
  8. Read aloud guided visualization or relaxation stories
  9. Create a Homeschool yoga club with other local homeschooling families
  10. Host a yoga party
  11. Research and discuss the history of yoga
  12. Practice yoga postures for flexibility, strength, and balance (for your Physical Education session)
  13. Teach anatomy and physiology
  14. Teach another language through yoga (ex. count to ten in Spanish while doing tree pose)
  15. Teach and practice breathing techniques to reduce stress
  16. Play yoga games to develop teamwork and cooperation skills (ex. yogi says, yoga pictionary, strike a pose)
  17. Do partner yoga (ex. massage train, group sit, down dog tunnel)
  18. Read books on the yoga principles of happiness, truthfulness, compassion, gratitude, self-awareness, and cleanliness
  19. Go on pretend journeys to different countries through yoga
  20. Sign up for local kids yoga class
  21. Write your own yoga adventure stories
  22. Read and act out kids yoga books
  23. Make your own musical instruments and practice musical yoga
  24. Do Yoga Art projects (ex. make pose cards, paint your feelings, take pictures)
  25. Practice mindfulness and doing a task fully present in the moment

Download your free “40 HOMESCHOOL YOGA IDEAS” poster

40 Homeschool Yoga Ideas Poster | Kids Yoga Stories

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