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5 Easy Partner Yoga Poses for Kids (Printable Poster)

Most people associate this festive time of year with giving, sharing, and being extra kind to friends and family.

Practicing partner yoga poses with someone else is a great way to connect through movement during this busy time.

Look into each other’s eyes, hold your bodies close to each other, and use your creativity to go away together on an imaginary adventure.

5 Partner Yoga Poses for Kids

Shop Yoga Books for Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesTry these five partner yoga poses below and pretend to go on an outdoor adventure to be trees, eagles, dogs, lizards, and clouds:


1. Partner Tree Pose

Stand next to each other, either holding hands or with your arms around each other’s waist. Stand tall with your shoulders back, head up, spine straight, and legs firmly planted into the ground. Then shift to stand on your inner leg—you’ll be creating a mirror image with your partner. Bend your other leg, place the sole of your foot on your inner thigh or calf (just not on your knee), and help each other to balance. If you feel steady, take your outer arm and reach up to the sky. You could also sway together like trees in the wind. Switch sides and repeat the steps.

Partner Tree Pose: partner yoga poses for kids | Kids Yoga StoriesPartner Tree Pose

2. Partner Eagle Pose

Come back to standing next to each other, holding hands or with your arms around each other’s waist. Stand tall once again. Shift to standing on your inner leg. Wrap the other leg around your standing leg, bring your bent outer arm in front of you, and link arms with your partner in front of yourselves. Try to bend your knees slightly and pretend to perch on a tree like an eagle. Switch sides and repeat the steps.

Partner Eagle Pose: partner yoga poses for kids | KIds Yoga StoriesPartner Eagle Pose

3. Double Downward-Facing Dog Pose

From a standing position, bend down and place your palms flat on the ground. Step your feet back to create an upside-down V shape with your buttocks high in the air. Straighten your legs, relax your head and neck, and look down between your legs. Once you are in a comfortable position, your child can join you by practicing Downward-Facing Dog Pose underneath you or next to you. Pretend to be dogs or another similar animal.

Double Downward-Facing Dog Pose: easy partner yoga poses for kids | Kids Yoga StoriesDouble Downward-Facing Dog Pose


4. Lizard Sunbathing on a Rock

Once your child is out from underneath you, drop your knees to the ground and come to an all-fours position. Then shift back to place your buttocks on your heels, slowly bring your forehead down to rest in between your knees, rest your arms down alongside your body, and take a few deep breaths in Child’s Pose. Once you are in a comfortable resting position, pretending to be a rock, your child can slowly place her buttocks on your lower back and begin to recline so that her back is lying on your spine and her head rests on your upper back. Encourage your child to open up and relax completely. To come out of the pose, gently lift your torso while helping your child to slowly stand up.

Lizard on the Rock: partner yoga poses for kids | Kids Yoga StoriesLizard Sunbathing on a Rock

5. Double Easy Pose

Come to sitting in a comfortable cross-legged position. You might like to sit on a cushion or bolster and place blocks under your knees. Once you are comfortable in Easy Pose, your child can sit your lap. Take a few deep breaths together. Close your eyes and pretend to be clouds floating through the sky. This is a great position to introduce a family meditation practice.

Double Easy Pose: partner yoga poses with kids | Kids Yoga StoriesDouble Easy Pose


Looking for a challenge? Take a look at our list of kids yoga poses and make up your own partner yoga for kids sequence. Tell us about your partner yoga poses in the comments below.

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5 Partner Yoga Poses with Kids | Kids Yoga Stories


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