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How to Do Yoga in your Classroom (+ Printable Poster)

Yoga is a combination of physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, character education, and healthy living practices. Bring the healthy benefits of yoga to your classroom curriculum with these forty-five classroom yoga ideas.

How to do yoga in your classroom

  1. Take yoga mini-breaks throughout the day
  2. Introduce a new topic through kids yoga poses (ex. Rainforest = do monkey, cobra, and jaguar poses).
  3. Do a lesson on Kindness and Compassion.
  4. Read and act out kids yoga books.
  5. Act out children’s books through kids yoga poses.
  6. Go on pretend journeys around the world to learn about geography.
  7. Write your own yoga adventure story.
  8. Do a Sun Salute in your PE class.
  9. Practice breathing techniques to reduce stress and help you focus (ex. extended exhale or count your breaths).
  10. Listen to a relaxation story to help bring calm to your day.
  11. Write in your Gratitude Journal.
  12. Listen and dance to yoga songs.
  13. Make yoga pose cards and act out the poses.
  14. Study anatomy and physiology.
  15. Do Yoga Art (ex. take photos of poses or paint pictures of poses)
  16. Run a Yoga Lunch Club.
  17. Invent a new yoga pose.
  18. Do Partner Yoga.
  19. Make up yoga games (ex. Yogi says… or Freeze Yoga Tag).
  20. Take pictures of yoga poses and make a book.
  21. Study the history of yoga.
  22. Do Guided Visualizations on a specific theme (ex. pretend you are at the beach).
  23. Celebrate holidays through kids yoga poses.
  24. Research Sanskrit translations of the poses.
  25. Make a class book of the poses and descriptions.
  26. Teach the ABCs through yoga poses.
  27. Make musical instruments and create your own yoga song.
  28. Write in your Yoga Journal.
  29. Talk about healthy living and make changes to your life.
  30. Choose an environmental issue and take action.
  31. Do a lesson on Happiness.
  32. Fulfill the 30-minute physical activity requirement by practicing yoga postures.
  33. Organize a community service project.
  34. Learn another language through yoga.
  35. Celebrate Earth Day every day.
  36. Write your own positive affirmation statements.
  37. Introduce a new pose every week.
  38. Count while holding a pose.
  39. Look for patterns in the poses.
  40. Incorporate yoga into your field trips (ex. farm, zoo, or aquarium animals).
  41. Discuss Honesty.
  42. Find Yoga Pen Pals (ex. create a yoga sequence and share it with a classroom in another country).
  43. Take 5 minutes before a test to do a breathing exercise together.
  44. Study the yoga principles of the yamas and niyamas.
  45. Celebrate the changing of the seasons through yoga poses.

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