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5 Heart-Opening Valentine’s Day Yoga Poses for Kids (+ Printable Poster)

Valentine’s Day is almost here.

Even though every day is “love day” for those around us, this special day makes us stop and think about what love means to each of us. It’s also a great opportunity to talk to our children about love and happiness.

As a teacher, I always looked forward to reading Frog in Love by Max Velthuijs. This is one of my favorite books of all time.

Another great way to honor Valentine’s Day is by opening our hearts through creative movement. Enjoy this heart-opening Valentine’s Day yoga sequence in celebration of Love Day.

Valentine’s Day Yoga Sequence

For this special love yoga sequence, there is a combination of backbends, chest openers, and shoulder stretches, all of which are great heart-openers.  The poses are listed in a specific sequence to create a safe kids yoga experience that encourages flow from one pose to the next.

Each yoga pose is coupled with an affirmation, which is optional. The affirmations were chosen to open the heart and build self-esteem and self-confidence.

Feel free to shorten or lengthen the sequence to suit your age group by changing the number of poses.  Focus on having fun with movement, not on practicing perfectly aligned poses.

5 Valentine’s Day Yoga Poses for Kids

1. Extended Side Angle Pose: I am positive.

How to practice Extended Side Angle Pose: Stand tall in Mountain Pose. Step one foot back, slightly angling it outward. Keep your torso straight and bend your front leg. Tilt your upper body forward, rest your front elbow on your thigh (or take your hand to the floor). Reach your other arm straight up to the sky and look up toward your hand. Smile and say: I am positive. Repeat on the other side.

yoga poses for kids, easy kids yoga poses | Kids Yoga Stories
Extended Side Angle Pose

2. Dancer’s Pose: I am grateful.

How to practice Dancer’s Pose: come up to standing tall in Mountain Pose. Stand on one leg, reach the opposite leg out behind you, place the outside of your foot into your hand, bend your torso forward with your arm out in front for balance, and arch your leg up behind you. Switch legs and repeat the pose. Say: I am grateful.

Dancer's Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Dancer’s Pose

3. Cobra Pose: I am confident

How to practice Cobra Pose: lie on your tummy, lift your head and shoulders off ground, place palms flat next to your shoulders, and open your chest. Say: I am confident.

Cobra Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Cobra Pose

4. Pigeon Pose: I am proud

How to practice Pigeon Pose: from an all-fours position, bring your right knee to rest behind your right hand, angling your right foot slightly inward. Gently take your buttocks down to the ground with your left leg extended straight out behind you. You might try placing a block under your right thigh. Keep your palms flat on the ground on either side of your right knee, look forward, keeping a straight spine. Be confident and say: I am proud. Repeat on the other side.

yoga poses for kids, easy kids yoga poses | Kids Yoga Stories
Pigeon Pose

5. Bridge or Wheel Pose: I appreciate myself

How to practice bridge pose: lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Rest your arms down alongside your body, with your palms flat on the ground. Tuck your chin into your chest and keep your spine straight. On an inhale, lift your buttocks. Hold for a few counts and then slowly curl your back down to the floor. Say: I appreciate myself.

bridge pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Bridge Pose

Adapting the Valentine’s Day yoga sequence for younger children

When my daughter was a toddler, we celebrated Valentine’s Day by reading a few love-themed books, making homemade Valentine’s Day cards, and doing a few heart-opening yoga poses.

Try picking five poses that you would like to do with your little ones. For example, you could try:  Crescent Moon Pose, Dancer’s Pose, Chair Pose, Cat/Cow Pose, and Happy Baby Pose. Then end in Resting Pose.  Follow the energy level and interest of your children.

Crescent Moon and Chair Pose on Kids Yoga Stories
Our daughter when she was a toddler practicing a Crescent Moon Pose and Chair Pose.

Download Your LOVE Yoga Poster

free yoga printables, love yoga for kids | Kids Yoga Stories


 Other Valentine’s Day Ideas

  • Make a list of random acts of kindness to do together.
  • Create Valentine’s Day cards to share together.
  • Write “I Love You Because…” books for the special people in their life.
  • Design a special treat for their parents to show their gratitude (ex. Breakfast in bed or family hike).
  • Research the origin of Valentine’s Day. Find out how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world.
  • Design a Valentine’s Day board game to play with the class or at home.
  • Make handmade gifts to share with their friends and family.
  • Plant a tree or do something positive to show their love for the environment.
  • Give away children’s books about love and friendship.
  • Do a community service project together.



5 Heart-opening Valentine's Day Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

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