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Our Collection of Yoga Books for Kids

I was drawn to writing yoga books after taking yoga teacher training ten years ago. After almost a decade of teaching international primary school, I became interested in bringing the ancient philosophy of yoga into the classroom so that children everywhere could experience the benefits of yoga.

I began by creating yoga stories that take children on imaginary journeys around the world through simple yoga poses for kids. The stories came rushing onto paper as I recounted my own travels, weaving in kids yoga poses.

As my daughter grew, the stories evolved to include basic concepts like ABC’s and 123’s as well as stories inspired by the little adventures children have each day.

I’ve always had a strong passion for teaching environmental education, so many of the stories, whether you’re on a jungle adventure or spending a day at the beach, feature a subtle message of environmental awareness, too.

What is a yoga book?

A yoga story integrates yoga postures and yoga philosophy into a storybook for children. The purpose of Kids Yoga Stories is to use reading, movement, and fun to encourage critically thinking children who are creative, responsible, and globally minded. Each story leads readers through a sequence of yoga poses that flow from one pose to the next while engaging children in the story.

Why read and act out our yoga books for kids?

I believe in the power of having engaging experiences by pairing reading with action. Reading can be good for our minds and bodies. And moving helps us learn. Kids Yoga Stories have several benefits:

  • They build reading fluency through movement.
  • They encourage cooperation and teamwork.
  • The stories introduce children to a variety of topics.
  • Yoga builds strength and flexibility.
  • Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle and boosts energy.
  • They encourage self-expression and build self-confidence.
  • Pairing stories and movement utilizes both left-brain and right-brain thinking.
  • Yoga eases tension, helps manage stress, and calms the mind.


Which yoga book should you start with?

Our books feature a variety of themes and address several different aspects of life while incorporating yoga for kids. So your child is sure to find something fun to get started.

The Yoga Kids Stories

Each Yoga Kid story features a character who brings readers along on an adventure:

Sophia’s Jungle Adventure was based on my own travels to Costa Rica. I spent a day hiking to the waterfalls near Volcano Arenal. In the yoga story, Sophia and her family act out what they see and hear on their own hike. As they follow along with Sophia, readers fly like a toucan, slither like a snake, and flutter like a butterfly. The Sophia’s Jungle Adventure Yoga Cards extend your child’s jungle yoga adventure and offer another opportunity for creative, independent play. Children use the jungle yoga cards to sort and match the yoga poses and matching jungle-themed keywords. Sophia lives in San Francisco, is a nature lover who enjoys traveling and writing projects.

Sophia’s Jungle Adventure Sophia's Jungle Adventure Yoga Cards | Kids Yoga StoriesSophia’s Jungle Adventure
Yoga Cards
Sophias Coloring Book | Kids Yoga StoriesSophia’s Jungle Adventure
Coloring Book

Luke’s Beach Day was inspired by my years living in Australia and my own experiences with taking students on field trips to the beach. The ocean and the beach were a couple of my favorite topics to teach inside and out of the classroom. This story follows Luke and his classmates on a class trip to the beach. Readers act out what the students see and hear, hopping like a kangaroo, perching like a sea gull, and resting like a sea star. Australian white-sand beaches are magical, and I hope that the yoga book inspires readers to research more about Australian beach animals. Luke lives in Sydney, loves being active outdoors, and enjoys science.

Luke's Beach Day yoga book |Kids Yoga StoriesLuke’s Beach Day The abc's of Australian Animals | Kids Yoga StoriesThe ABC’s of Australian Animals Luke's A to Z of Australian Animals Alpabet Coloring Book ImageLuke’s A to Z of Australian Animals
Coloring Book

Good Night, Animal World was inspired by my daughter, who was two-years-old at the time. I wanted to add a yoga sequence to our bedtime ritual to help her release pent-up energy and stress from her busy day. In this bedtime yoga book, the readers say good night to animals from around the world through yoga poses for kids. At the back of the book, a world map shows where each of the animals live. In this bedtime book, readers meet all six of our Yoga Kids (Sophia, Anamika, Pablo, Baraka, Elizabeth, and Luke), who come from six continents around the world. The Good Night, Animal World Yoga Cards complement the story, offering an independent and quiet activity as children match and sort the calming yoga poses with the matching animal images.

Good Night Animal World | Kids Yoga StoriesGood Night, Animal World Good Night Animal World Yoga Cards ImageGood Night, Animal World
Yoga Cards

Hello, Bali is a celebration of the beauty of one of my favorite places in the world—Bali. Readers follow along with Anamika’s family on their holiday as they experience life on this magical island in Indonesia. Surf like a surfer, dance like a Balinese dancer, and sit like a monkey. The energizing yoga poses in this book complement the calming bedtime yoga poses in Good Night, Animal World. I always found that my students were intrigued by island life, and I hope this island yoga adventure book helps to bring the uniqueness of island living come to life through movement and story. Anamika lives in Rajasthan, India, loves music and dance, and volunteers with community organizations.

Hello, Bali yoga book |Kids Yoga StoriesHello, Bali


Happiness Yoga Story

Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats is a story about happiness, acceptance, and friendship. This yoga story follows Anna, a new child at school, who finds happiness on her yoga mat at recess time. She meets a boy named Nick, who joins her as she travels the world on imaginary yoga adventures. This book is based on Yoga Sutra 1.33: If you want to be happy, then you have to be happy for those around you.

Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats | Kids Yoga StoriesAnna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats


Seasons Yoga Book Series

The four season yoga books celebrate the changing of the seasons through yoga and movement. The spring yoga story, Rachel’s Day in the Garden, follows a young girl and her dog in the garden. The summer yoga story, Ella’s Summer Fun, was based on my niece’s playdates at my parents’ house. And the fall and winter yoga stories, Trish’s Fall Photography and Jenny’s Winter Walk, were inspired by my experiences with my daughter, living in New England, a land of four distinct seasons. These season yoga books are smaller (8.5×8.5) than the other yoga books (8.5×11) to make them more compact and easier to travel with. Each season is illustrated by a different illustrator, and they are a great way to bring the new season alive through movement and story.


Rachels Day in the Garden ImageRachel’s Day in the Garden
Book of the Year and
Winner Children’s Category 2015
Independent Publishers of New England
Ella's Summer Fun yoga book by Kids Yoga StoriesElla’s Summer Fun
Trish’s Fall Photography (English) ImageTrish’s Fall Photography Jenny's Winter Walk ImageJenny’s Winter Walk



Are your yoga books for kids in different languages?

Almost all of our yoga books for kids are available in English and Spanish. I taught primary school in Guatemala for five years and fell in love with the Spanish language, which I’m teaching my daughter. I believe in the power using movement to learn new languages. Our yoga books are available in these other languages:

Sophia’s Jungle AdventureSpanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, and Russian

Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga MatsSpanish, Portuguese, and French

Good Night, Animal World Spanish and Portuguese

Luke’s Beach DaySpanish

The ABC’s of Australian AnimalsSpanish

Rachel’s Day in the GardenSpanish

Les aventures de Sophia dans la jungle | by Giselle Shardlow of Kids Yoga StoriesLes aventures de Sophia
dans la jungle (French)
Ana y sus colchonetas del color del arcoiris | Giselle Shardlow of Kids Yoga StoriesAna y sus colchonetas
del color del acroiris
Boa Noite Mundo Animal |by Giselle Shardlow of Kids Yoga StoriesBoa Noite, Mundo Animal


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