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The Ultimate Kids Yoga Planner 2018

Welcome to your Kids Yoga Stories Yearly Planner for 2018!

This kids yoga planner 2018 is for primary school teachers, kids yoga teachers, parents, caregivers, health practitioners, and recreation staff looking for fun, simple ways to add yoga to their curriculum, classes, or home life.

These monthly themes are based on holidays, the seasons, and other fun topics. Each month has a collection of theme ideas and a list of recommended Kids Yoga Stories products to enhance your yoga experiences.

These yoga themes are designed for children ages three to eight, but they could be adapted for younger or older children. Shop Yoga Books for Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesUse the ideas in this planner as a springboard and add other age-appropriate theme-related yoga poses, songs, breathing techniques, relaxation stories, or meditations.

Sample Yoga Themes and Yoga Products for Each Month of the Year

Below, you’ll find three months from the Kids Yoga Planner. Click on the link below to download and print your Kids Yoga Planner for handy reference all year round to help with your kids yoga theme planning for your home, classroom, or studio.


Yoga Themes:

Yoga Products:

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Yoga Themes:

Yoga Products:


Yoga Themes:

Yoga Products:

Get children learning, moving, and having fun with these fun and easy monthly yoga themes!


Download your Ultimate Kids Yoga Planner 2018




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