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My daughter and I love visiting local farms! We took a family farm class together last year. We fed the chickens, groomed the pony, pet the kitty cat, weeded the garden, and milked the cow. Having grown up on a farm myself, I’m thrilled to share the magic of farm life with her.

Another way to learn about farm animals is through story and movement. You can explore farm life by having discussions, reading books, and doing related kids’ activities and art projects. But why not take the learning further by using breathing techniques and yoga poses? Brain research shows that adding movement to the children’s learning experience stimulates their thinking, making learning more fun and effective.

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October Theme: FARM

Our twelfth theme is “farm.”

Welcome back to our monthly “Easy Yoga-Easy Spanish” theme project with our friends at Spanish Playground. These simple monthly plans give you one thing to focus on each month so it’s easier to bring the benefits of yoga to your children.

We have put together a monthly theme post that includes:

  • one breathing technique
  • one focus yoga pose
  • a three-pose flow sequence
  • one focus yoga book
  • Spanish-integration ideas
  • links to other “farm” resources

The “FARM” FOCUS BREATH is bee breath.

Practicing bee breath is a great opportunity to calm your racing mind. Pretend to hum like a bee on an extended exhale.

To practice bee breath, come to sitting comfortably with a tall spine and your shoulders back. Close your eyes, if that feels comfortable, or gaze gently down in front of you. Take a few deep breaths to calm your mind and body. Come to the present moment. Breathe in and out through your nose with your mouth closed.

On your next exhale, keep your mouth closed and make a long “mmm” sound, pretending to hum like a bee. Then follow with an inhale through your nose, keeping your mouth closed. Repeat the bee humming sound on the next exhale. Continue in this way with an extended inhale, followed by a humming exhale for a few minutes or while it feels comfortable. Then, when you are ready, open your eyes and breathe naturally. Notice if you feel any differently after practicing bee breath.

Easy Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesPractice Bee Breath in Easy Pose
Images from Yoga Poses for Kids Card deck




Come down to an all-fours position. On an inhale, look up, arch your back, and open your chest. Cow Pose is often paired with Cat Pose for a Cat-Cow yoga flow. This flow is useful for calming the mind and body. It also helps to stretch the spine and neck and open the chest.


Cow Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesCow image to match Cow Pose | Kids Yoga StoriesTry Cow Pose
Images from Yoga Poses for Kids Card deck


The “FARM” FOCUS YOGA FLOW is Cow Pose, Cat Pose, and Three-Legged Dog Pose.

Cow Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

1. Cow Pose – pretend to be a cow about to get milked.

Come down to an all-fours position. Check that your hips are over your knees and your shoulders are over your wrists. Spread your fingers wide and flatten your palms. On an inhale, look up, arch your back, and open your chest. Pretend to be a mooing cow.

Cat Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

2. Cat Pose – pretend to be a sheep munching on hay.

Then on an exhale, drop your head, round your back, and tuck your chin into your chest. Pretend to be a baaing sheep. Repeat the Cow – Cat yoga pose flow a few times to awaken your spine.

Three-Legged Dog Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

3. Three-Legged Dog Pose – pretend to be a pony excited about getting groomed.

From an all-fours position, lift your knees, straighten your legs, and send your buttocks up into an upside-down “V” shape. Gently lift one leg up at a time, pretending to kick like a pony.

You can flow gently over and over through these three poses. Talk to your children about what else you might see or do on a farm. Invent your own farm yoga poses or check out our Yoga Poses for Kids page for inspiration.

Throughout the month, you could use these three farm-inspired yoga poses as a base and add other farm yoga poses or breathing techniques to extend the children’s learning. Follow their interests and needs. You will know if their yoga experience should be more calming or if they need something more dynamic and active to help release their pent-up energy. Check out our other farm yoga sequences listed below, as well.


Farm Animals Yoga Book for Kids: Sally’s Visit to the Farm

Take a trip to the farm with Sally and Sam!

Practice your animal yoga poses with Sally and Sam as they visit the farm. You will feed chickens, groom a pony, and milk a cow. This farm yoga book includes a list of 12 kids yoga poses and a parent-teacher guide. Ages 4+.

Purchase Sally’s Visit to the Farm here.

Sally's Visit to the Farm: A Kids Yoga Farm Book | Kids Yoga StoriesSally’s Visit to the Farm yoga book


Other “FARM” BOOKS we love:

The Grumpy Morning, by Pamela Duncan Edwards and Darcia Labrosse

Click, Clack, Moo : Cows That Type, by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin

Duck on a Bike, by David Shannon

Millie Waits for the Mail, by Alexander Steffensmeier

My Farm Friends, by Wendell Minor

The Cow Loves Cookies, by Karma Wilson and Marcellus Hall

A Farmer’s Life for Me, by Jan Dobbins and Laura Huliska-Beith

Old MacDonald had a Farm, illustrated by Mandy Foot

A Year at a Farm, by Nicholas Harris

Farm Books for Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesFarm Books for Kids




Quick and easy monthly kids yoga ideas!

To spark your imagination, each monthly theme includes one breathing technique, one focus yoga pose, a three-pose flow sequence, and one focus yoga book. This 55-page eBook is for teachers, parents, kids yoga teachers, caregivers, and health practitioners looking for simple, convenient ways to add yoga into your curriculum, classes, or home life. Age group: Toddlers to Early Primary, ages 3 to 8.

“Great resource for children’s yoga teachers, preschool teachers, classroom teachers, and parents.” – Anita

Monthly Kids Yoga Themes PDF Download (English) ImagePurchase your Monthly Kids Yoga Themes 55-page eBook here

Buy our Farm Animal Yoga Cards for Kids

Learn about farm animals through movement!

Pretend to be a rooster, cow, and sheep through basic yoga poses for kids! Instantly download these 48 farm animals yoga cards to learn about farm life through yoga moves in your home, classroom, or studio. Includes an Index Card, Yoga Tips, Pose Instructions, 18 Yoga Pose Cards, and 18 matching Farm Animals Cards. The multicultural yoga kids are from seven countries. Ages 3+.

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Farm Animals Yoga Cards for Kids PDF Download Image

Spanish and Yoga “Farm” Activities

Check out these links below from Spanish Playground and Kids Yoga Stories for your celebration of the farm:

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 Christmas Tree Farm YogaChristmas Tree Farm Yoga Farm Animals in Spanish | Spanish PlaygroundFarm Animals in Spanish

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Other Farm-Themed Links

Check out these links below for other farm-themed activities for children:

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Yoga Cards for Kids

Check out our yoga cards for young children:

“I received my Yoga Poses for Kids Cards in the mail yesterday! They are amazing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I have 2 other sets of yoga cards but these are my new favorite. What a sweet touch to include a little drawstring bag for the cards. Did I say how much I LOVE x 3 these cards!?!”
Rene H.

Yoga Poses for Kids Cards Image Yoga Poses for Kids Cards - Flower Yoga Poses for Kids Cards Index

Images from Yoga Poses for Kids Card deck

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