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Harry Potter Yoga Class for Kids

Do you remember where you were when the first Harry Potter book was released?

I was working as a primary school teacher in Guatemala at an International American School. My Spanish-speaking students learned to read in English just so that they could read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Imagine that.

It was amazing to watch my students become so extremely motivated to read because they wanted to dive into the extraordinary world of Hogwarts. So, of course, I had to devour the Harry Potter books, as well, to be able to speak their language.

There’s something magical about introducing something new—like yoga—to children by using a theme that they love—like Harry Potter. Today, Nik Haley shares with us a Harry Potter yoga sequence inspired by Kidding Around Yoga. Her yoga class students absolutely loved it!

Try familiarizing yourself with the poses before reading the story, so that you can demonstrate the pose after reading the prompt aloud. You can find pose instructions on our list of Yoga Poses for Kids page.

Harry Potter Yoga Storyline for Kids

“Today, we are going to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express.” (Staff Pose – Pretend to be a train.)

“Welcome to Hogwarts. Look, the table is set for a feast.” (Table Top Pose – Pretend to be the table set for a feast.)

“We are going to be choosing houses. First is Hufflepuff.” (Star Pose as you puff out your cheeks)

“Next is Ravenclaw.” (Crow Pose—pretend to be the raven symbol of Ravenclaw House)

“Next is Gryffindor.” (Lion Pose or Cat Pose—pretend to be a lion symbol of Gryffindor House.)

“Finally, Slytherin.” (Cobra Pose—pretend to be the snake symbol of Slytherin House.)

“Now, choose which house you’d like to be in.”

“Here comes Crookshank the cat.” (Cat Pose – Pretend to be a cat).

“He is chasing Scabbers the rat.” (Child’s Pose – Pretend to be a rat.)

“Harry has his trusty owl, Hedwig, with him.” (Easy Pose with a Twist – Pretend to be an owl.)

“Harry, Hermoine, and Ron are looking for Fluffy the three-headed dog.” (Downward-Facing Dog Pose – Pretend to be a three-headed dog. You could practice this pose in groups of three.)

“Harry’s scar is hurting, so Voldemort must be close by.” (Mountain Pose—Pretend to be Voldemort and make a scary face.)

“Harry’s scar looks like lightning.” (Chair Pose – Pretend to be a lightning bolt.)

“Now, imagine you are a Nimbus 2000 broomstick.” (Come to your belly in Locust Pose – Pretend to be a broomstick).

“Imagine that you’re flying on your broomstick.” (Bring yourself on your knees then up to standing. Come to Warrior 3 Pose – Pretend to be flying on your broomstick. Optional: have broomstick props and do a relay race on tiptoes.)

“We are now off to the Forbidden Forest.” (Tree Pose – Pretend to be trees in a circle.)

“Oh no, there are lots of eyes everywhere.” (Use pompoms to play Toe-ga. Children use their toes to pick up the pompoms and place in a bowl in the middle.)

“Harry has a game of Quidditch.” (Pass a ball around the circle with their feet, as they sit in a circle. The last person who doesn’t drop the ball is the winner.)

“Put your invisibility cloak on and relax. I am going to cast a spell to make you sleep.” (Resting Pose – put a blanket over your body and rest.)

Optional: Finish the class in a guided meditation of your choice. You could ask the children to think what it would be like to be Harry Potter, living at Hogwarts.


Harry Potter Yoga Storyline | Kids Yoga StoriesHarry Potter Yoga Poses for Kids

Nikki HaleyAbout the Author

Nik Haley is a qualified teaching assistant and children’s yoga teacher, who is currently taking her adult yoga training. She teaches kids yoga classes at her local studio and schools. She enjoys using stories in her yoga classes and expands on the story concepts with games, motor skills activities, props, and partner work. Find Nik on her Facebook page here.



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