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Sun Salute around SouthWest USA

My family and I had a six week Sabbatical traveling around the South West part of USA last year in rental RVs.  We focused on visiting the National Parks in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona.  What a breathtaking part of United States.  I highly recommend adding this route to your bucket list!

Check out the route that we took (to your right):

Here is a way to bring this beautiful part of the world into your home, studio, or classroom.

Why not Sun salute around the South West corner of USA?!

Sun Salute around SouthWest USAShop Yoga Books | Kids Yoga Stories

Here are a list of yoga poses (all variations of the Sun Salute) that you can practice with your children, while pretending that you are visiting each of these places:

Yosemite, California

Half Dome (Mountain Pose)
Giant Sequoia (Tree Pose)
Peregrine Falcon (Warrior 3)
Spotted Bat (Standing Forward Bend)
Black Bear (Downward Facing Dog)
Lizard (Plank Pose)
Coyote (Cat Pose)
Pika (Child’s Pose)
Reverse and repeat on the other side

Death Valley, California

Desert Bighorn Sheep (Warrior 1)
Scorpion (Dancer’s Pose)
Red-Tailed Hawk (Warrior 3)
Joshua Tree (Tree Pose)
Kit Fox (Downward Facing Dog)
Desert Horned Lizard (Plank Pose)
Rattlesnake (Cobra Pose)
Mountain Lion (Cat Pose)
Desert Mouse (Child’s Pose)
Reverse and repeat on the other side

Zion Canyon, Utah

Mountain (Mountain Pose)
Cottonwood (Tree Pose)
Peregrine Falcon (Warrior 3)
Waterfall (Standing Forward Bend)
Squirrel (Squat Pose)
Lizard (Plank Pose)
Sparrow (Child’s Pose)
Reverse and repeat on the other side

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Hoodoo (Mountain Pose)
Ponderosa Pine (Tree Pose)
Eagle (Eagle Pose)
Chipmunk (Squat Pose)
Bear (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)
Mountain Lion (Cat Pose)
Rattlesnake (Cobra Pose)
Porcupine (Child’s Pose)
Reverse and repeat on the other side

Capitol Reef, Utah

Mountain (Mountain Pose)
Cottonwood (Tree Pose)
Bighorn Sheep (Warrior 1)
Peregrine Falcon (Warrior 3)
Big Brown Bat (Standing Forward Bend)
White-Tailed Antelope Ground Squirrel (Squat Pose)
Mountain Lion (Cat Pose)
Black-chimed Hummingbird (Hero’s Pose)
Reverse and repeat on the other side

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Ponderosa Pine (Tree Pose)
Abert Squirrel (Squat Pose)
Raven (Crow Pose)
Eastern Fence Lizard (Plank Pose)
Gopher Snake (Cobra Pose)
Desert Cottontail (Child’s Pose)
Reverse and repeat on the other

Big Sur, California

Redwood Tree (Tree Pose)
Red-Tailed Hawk (Warrior 3)
Pfeiffer Falls (Standing Forward Bend)
Gray Squirrel (Squat Pose)
Skunk (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)
Alligator Lizard (Plank Pose)
Ringtail Cat (Cat Pose)
Mouse (Child’s Pose)
Reverse and repeat on the other side



Which was your favorite Sun Salute version?

See our List of Yoga Poses for Kids page for pose images and descriptions.

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