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5 Garden Gnome Partner Yoga Poses

“Those gnome yoga cards! They are so cute! I love them!”

What fun! This was a message I received from my friend Lani from Full of Joy Yoga when she saw the Garden Gnome Yoga poses for the first time. If you’re looking for a fun, new partner yoga theme, don’t miss these delightful garden gnomes practicing yoga together!  

The partner yoga poses below are for adults and children.

If you’re looking for more poses, check out our Garden Gnome Yoga Cards, which have fifteen partner yoga poses (and the matching Garden Gnome Coloring Pages). You can start with these ideas and then encourage your children’s creativity so they can invent new poses.

If you’re teaching family yoga classes, these are great visuals to share with your families, either in-person or online. Partner yoga poses are such a great way to build connection, increase strength and flexibility, and have fun with a friend or family member!


This sequence includes poses meant to be practiced by two people who are working together to create the pose. Don’t worry if you haven’t tried yoga before—just jump in and give it a go. The main point is to listen to each other and come out of the poses safely together.

Partner Tree Pose

How to practice Tree Pose: Stand next to each other, either holding hands or with your arms around each other’s waist. Stand tall with your shoulders back, head up, spine straight, and feet planted firmly on the ground. Then shift to stand on your inner leg—you’ll be creating a mirror image with your partner. Bend your other leg, place the sole of your foot on your inner thigh or calf (just not on your knee), and help each other to balance. If you feel steady, take your outer arm and reach up to the sky. You could also sway together like trees in the wind. Switch sides and repeat the steps.

partner tree pose
Partner Tree Pose

Partner Dancer’s Pose

How to practice Dancer’s Pose: Stand tall in Mountain Pose, facing each other, about two arms’ lengths away from each other. Stand on your right leg, reach your left leg out behind you, and place the outside of your left foot into your left hand. Bend your torso forward, take your partner’s hand for balance, and arch your leg up behind you as if you are a dancer. Hold the pose for a few breaths and then signal each other to come out of the pose at the same time. Switch sides and repeat the steps.

partner dancer pose
Partner Dancer’s Pose

Partner Chair Pose

How to practice Chair Pose: Stand tall in Mountain Pose with your feet hip-width apart while facing each other. Reach out and grab your partner’s hands in front of you. bend your knees and keep a straight spine. Sit down into an imaginary chair and lean back, relying on the support of your partner’s grasp. Sit as deeply as feels comfortable for both partners. Come out of the pose at the same time.

partner chair pose
Partner Chair Pose

Partner Gate Pose

How to practice Gate Pose: Come to a kneeling position beside your partner, both facing forward, about two legs’ lengths away from each other. Take your inside leg straight out to the middle of you both. Inhale and bring your outside arm up, parallel to the ground. Exhale and tilt inward, extending your outside arm straight up, grabbing your partner’s hand overhead, and placing your inside hand on the shin of your extended leg. Take a few deep breaths, making sure your hips and shoulders are facing forward and that your chest is open. Come out of the pose at the same time.

partner gate pose
Partner Gate Pose

Partner Flower Pose

How to practice Flower Pose: Come to sit on your buttocks with a tall spine and bent legs in front of you. Shift so that you are facing each other about two legs’ lengths away from each together. Lift your bent legs and balance on your sitting bones. Grab each other’s hands (between your legs) while touching your feet together and raising them as high as is comfortable. Open your chest and ensure that your spine is straight. Use your connected hands and feet to steady your balance, find a still position in Flower Pose, and take a few deep breaths. Come out of the pose at the same time.

partner butterfly pose
Partner Flower Pose


garden gnomes partner yoga for kids
5 Garden Gnome Partner Yoga Poses

May We Suggest Garden Gnome Partner Yoga Cards for Kids

Build connection, increase strength and flexibility, and have fun with a friend!
Grab a partner and pretend to be a garden gnome with these fun and simply partner yoga poses for kids.

This colorful deck includes:

  • 15 colorful and engaging partner yoga poses
  • 15 detailed corresponding description cards
  • Yoga tips and how to best use these cards
  • Detailed instructions for each partner yoga pose provided

Ages 4+

Purchase Garden Gnome Yoga for Kids here.

Check Out Our Yoga Coloring Pages for Kids – Garden Gnomes

Color these adorable garden gnomes performing partner yoga poses! These fun yoga coloring pages feature garden gnomes practicing 15 different partner yoga poses. Spend a little time coloring to add variety or calming downtime to your kids yoga practice.

Coloring can have huge benefits for children (and adults), including:

  • Increasing focus and attention
  • Encouraging mindfulness and the ability to focus on the present moment
  • Developing creativity and imagination
  • Providing time and space to calm the mind and body
  • Allowing an opportunity to chat together in a non-confrontation way
  • Reducing stress and anxiety

These illustrations feature fifteen partner yoga poses and are designed for children 3 to 8, but anyone who loves to color might enjoy them!

This book is for primary school teachers, kids yoga teachers, parents, caregivers, health practitioners, and recreation staff looking for fun, familiar ways to introduce yoga to their curriculums, classes, or home lives.

Purchase Yoga Coloring Pages for Kids – Garden Gnomes here today!

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