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14 Benefits of Yoga for Children

Becky is a educator, speaker, and mom who writes her Kid World Citizen blog filled with activities to do with your children, inspiring them to be global citizens.  Here’s how she describes the purpose of her website “I developed Kid World Citizen to be able to share the educational activities that I have used in my classroom and at home with my 4 children to increase global and cultural awareness.

Becky asked me to write an article to describe the benefits of yoga for children.  We are hearing more and more about Kids Yoga classes and resources in our communities, but we would also like to know why yoga is a good idea.  Here is the article:

Yoga for Kids: 14 Ways Yoga for Kids is a Great Idea

In Part 1, I shared 10 Things that I Learned from Yoga Teacher Training, reflecting on the history and culture of yoga.

Since I’ve thought about where yoga came from, now I’d like to share my thoughts on why yoga for children is a great idea, especially when it’s coupled with storytelling:

Engage in creative storytelling. Yoga with little ones works well when you tell a story or take the children on an imaginary journey. You can purchase one of my Kids Yoga Stories books to get you started on storytelling and movement, or bring out your own creative voice and inner storyteller. Storytelling helps children to develop their literacy skills, while practicing yoga helps to develop their strength and flexibility. Good for their minds and bodies.

Boost energy. Participating in a fun, inspiring, and dynamic class boosts the children’s energy levels. This also helps them to develop coping strategies to deal with life’s challenges.

• Create real and meaningful activities. Children learn effectively when the information is presented in a real and meaningful way that enables them to apply it to their lives. Choose themes or topics when you are practicing your yoga together. For example, pretend to go on a trip to another country, to the zoo, to outer space, to the beach, to forest, or to the desert. You can do Tree Pose to look like a Joshua Tree:

Yoga for Kids Joshua Tree- Kid World Citizen

Read the rest of the Benefits of Yoga for Children article here.

Image from ‘Anna and her Rainbow-Colored Yoga Mats’ found at www.kidsyogastories.com.


Image below is my niece doing a Whale Pose next to a Wyland mural.

Feel free to share with your community and sign up for our weekly Kids Yoga Stories Newsletter (enter your email in the box at the top of the page).  What do you think are the benefits of yoga?

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