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Summer Yoga Ideas for Kids (+ Printable Poster)

As my daughter’s school year comes to a close, I find myself thinking of ways to integrate yoga into our summer days together.

Embracing all the facets of the yoga philosophy is important to me: including sitting silently, breathing together, teaching my daughter how to be a kind and happy person, doing community service projects, and practicing yoga poses for kids.

I aim to create yoga as a lifestyle for our family.

Summer Yoga Ideas (30 wyas to integrate yoga into your summer plans) | Kids Yoga Stories
Practicing yoga by the beach at our family reunion (Photo credit: Salt Water Photography)

30 Summer Yoga Ideas for Kids

Find a variety of ways to integrate yoga into your summer plans:

  1. Make up games with yoga cards for kids
  2. Act out yoga books for kids
  3. Practice calming yoga poses at bedtime
  4. Sit silently and meditate every day for 5 to 15 minutes
  5. Deliver food to someone who needs help
  6. Offer to do yard work for a neighbor
  7. Practice mindful breathing as you are waiting in line
  8. Act out children’s books in your garden
  9. Write in a Gratitude Journal every day
  10. Eat mindfully and savor every bite
  11. Practice partner yoga poses together
  12. Plan a yoga party
  13. Play yoga-pose bingo
  14. Practice family yoga in the park
  15. Attend a weekly yoga class at your local studio
  16. Practice restorative yoga poses after a busy summer day
  17. Take pictures of your children practicing yoga poses and create a book
  18. Practice yoga at your family reunion
  19. Color mandalas
  20. Chose a breathing technique and practice together
  21. Make up yoga games (ex. yogi says, yoga Pictionary, strike a pose, freeze yoga tag)
  22. Practice one Sun Salutation every morning
  23. Set an intention (sankalpa) for the summer
  24. Create a positive mantra and repeat it to yourself every day
  25. Invite friends and neighbors over and host a Yoga Summer Camp
  26. Commit to five minutes per day of meditation, movement, or mindfulness
  27. Act out your day’s adventures through yoga poses for kids (ex. trip to farm, beach, or zoo)
  28. Read children’s books on kindness, happiness, and acceptance
  29. Celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day through yoga poses for kids
  30. Spend time in nature and listen to the sounds

How will you integrate yoga ideas for kids into your summer plans?

Download Your Summer Yoga Ideas Poster

Summer Yoga Ideas Poster | Kids Yoga Stories


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