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Robot Yoga Poses for Kids

This is Annabelle, Social Media Manager at Kids Yoga Stories. I’m excited to share with you about my son’s experience with robot yoga poses for kids!

My son’s grandparents gifted him one of those monthly fun crates, and a few months ago, he received a fun robot kit. It could walk on its own, and when he called out, “The robot is walking on its own, and I built it!” the excitement was like no other. To get things back to a more quiet level, we set out to try these robot yoga poses for kids. It was great fun!

Children love robots. Robots are cute. They are fun, and they talk funny. Pretending to talk or move like a robot is always a hit with little kids. It is a great gross motor pretend play activity too. But they also help kids develop social skills and boost their creativity. 

“Robots are about engaging you socially and emotionally to help you do what you want to do.” – Cynthia Breazeal 

Robots aren’t just for boys, either. My daughter took an after-school robotics class a couple of years back, and she learnt things I didn’t even know she would be interested in. Problem-solving was one of the skills she worked on the most. 

Join us in practicing these fun robot-themed yoga poses for kids. We liked to use a funny voice and say, “I am a robot,” differently with every pose. 


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1. Star Pose

How to practice Star Pose: From a standing position, step your feet out wide. Lift both arms out to your sides and above your head, with your fingers spread out.

Robot Star Pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Star Pose

2. Standing Chest Stretch Pose

How to practice Standing Chest Stretch: Stand tall in Mountain Pose with your big toes touching and your ankles slightly apart. Open your chest and clasp your hands behind you. Roll your shoulders back and gently press your clasped hands slightly away from your buttocks, creating a stretch through your chest and arms. Hold for a few breaths then relax your arms alongside your body. 

Robot Standing Chest Stretch | Kids Yoga Stories
Standing Chest Stretch Pose

3. Warrior 2 Pose

How to practice Warrior 2 Pose: Start in a standing position. Step one foot back, bend your front knee, and open your hips to the side. Then reach both arms up, parallel to your legs, and look over your front fingertips. Make sure your front knee is bent forward so that your knee is over your ankle. Switch sides and repeat the steps.

Warrior 2 Pose

4. Reverse Warrior Pose

How to practice Reverse Warrior Pose: Come to a standing position and step your left foot back, angling your toes slightly outward. Raise your arms parallel to the floor, bringing your right hand forward and your left hand back. Bend your front knee and look forward. Flip your right palm up to the sky, tilt your torso backward, and rest your left hand on your left thigh.Look up at your extended hand, open your chest, and keep your spine long and straight. Come back to center and repeat on the other side.

Robot Reverse Warrior Pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Reverse Warrior Pose

5. Triangle Pose

How to practice Triangle Pose: From a standing position, step one foot back, angling your foot slightly outward. Take your arms up parallel to the ground then bend at your waist, tilting your upper body forward. Reach your front hand down to gently rest on your shin and reach your other arm straight up.

Robot triangle Pose | Kids Yoga Stories


Annabelle Humanes, Social Media Manager | Kids Yoga Stories

After a decade in the UK and another one in Germany, Annabelle now lives in Portugal with her husband and two children. Annabelle would describe her career as that of a chameleon. She trained as a linguist and academic researcher in language acquisition. She worked in academia for over a decade teaching languages and carrying out research in language acquisition in young children. 

When not traveling or eating her way around the world with her little European citizens, she writes at www.thepiripirilexicon.com about being the mother of two cross-cultural children and blending cultures and languages. Annabelle has also contributed to a book on the topic (How to Raise a Global Citizen: For the Parents of the Children Who Will Save the World, DK, 2021).

After a childhood immersed in yoga practice, she credits, in part, her adaptability skills to yoga. Annabelle Humanes wants to live in a world where diversity is celebrated and valued, where parents of multilingual children are never asked to stop speaking their home language(s), and more importantly, where books come bundled with chocolate. 



Robot Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

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