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Yoga Bingo: Where do you practice yoga? (+ Printable Poster)

I’m passionate about integrating yoga into our family life—I think everyone knows this. I’m always thinking of ways to have our whole family involved in experiencing the practice of yoga and mindfulness throughout the day, in different contexts.

So that’s why I’m excited to share this Yoga Bingo for families to think about where we practice yoga. Simply download and print out the bingo sheet below. You could give it to your students to take home to their families or print it out for your own family at home.

Each time your child practices yoga or mindfulness in the following situations, they can color in the box. See if they can fill up a line or fill in the entire page of sixteen squares!

Remember that the various building blocks of yoga include breath, meditation, mindfulness, physical postures, physical affirmations, karma yoga, and character education. Any of these can fill in a square!

Some yoga and mindfulness practice ideas might be:

  • Practice some yoga poses
  • Practice a breathing technique
  • Follow along in a yoga class
  • Play yoga games
  • Practice sitting silently in meditation
  • Practice karma yoga by volunteering your time or doing a community project
  • Start a gratitude practice like writing in a gratitude journal or sharing at dinnertime

Let your children discover and explore various yoga and mindfulness practices. Encourage their creativity and let their imagination run wild. This isn’t about getting it perfect. It’s about experiencing the practice of yoga in various contexts.

Once they have played around with this Yoga Bingo sheet, feel free to come up with your own situations.

Have fun with this Yoga Bingo!

Get Your Yoga Bingo Printable

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