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Fun and Easy Ideas for Preschool Yoga to Engage and Educate (Interviews with Preschool Yoga Teachers)

Preschool yoga: we hear from our community that you love teaching yoga to preschoolers but struggle to keep their attention for a 30-minute session.

So we sat down with Cheryl Silberman, one of our amazing Kids Yoga Stories Ambassadors, to see if she could provide us with some tips for teaching preschool yoga.

Cheryl is a preschool yoga teacher and has valuable tips to share with our Kids Yoga Stories community on bringing preschool yoga to life!

Cheryl Silberman has been teaching yoga to preschoolers for the last five years and owns a company called Rock, Zen, Roll, located in Los Angeles. Prior to owning her own preschool yoga company, Cheryl was a preschool teacher for 8 years. She is the REAL expert when it comes to preschoolers!

Cheryl Silberman's Dog Yoga for Preschoolers | Kids Yoga Stories
Cheryl Silberman’s Dog Yoga Set-up

If you’ve ever had questions about teaching yoga to preschoolers or are trying to overcome personal uncertainties about bringing yoga to this young age group, this is the video for YOU! Listen closely and see how you can apply her tips to your situation…

Preschoolers are their own people. They have their own brains.

– Cheryl

Many of you have asked specifically about challenges in teaching preschool yoga, and Cheryl has a few wonderful tips to share with you all!


How do we best engage preschoolers in yoga?

Here are our favorite tidbits of wisdom from Cheryl’s video:

  • Let go of expectations – Things don’t always turn out as planned with this age group. The ONLY true expectation you should have is to always do your best and be present with your students.
  • Embrace teachable moments – Sometimes the imperfect moments become the greatest lessons. When you’re having a bad day or feeling down, it’s okay show your emotions and be vulnerable with your students.
  • Utilize props and themesThemed props are essential tools that can help you bring yoga to life for your preschoolers. These props can help preschoolers truly visualize the yoga posture or breathing exercise you are teaching that day.

Make sure to check out the video if you want to hear more, including her 3 TOP TIPS for teaching yoga to preschoolers!

In the video, Cheryl mentions these resources:

YouTube video

You might also like to listen to Synthia Gerson, who is a teacher-turned-preschool-yoga-teacher, and owner of a new preschool yoga business. She shares her tips for planning and implementing a successful preschool yoga class.

YouTube video

How do you use props and other resources in preschool yoga class? We talk with Stephanie about how she structures her yoga class with 15 students, aged 3 to 5, of varied abilities. She shares her favorite props and resources that work well for this age group. She also shares a story that touched her heart and validated that what she is doing in the yoga class is making a difference to the children, especially to help them manage their anxieties.

YouTube video


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What are some good themes for preschool yoga?

Below you will find a collection of ideas to spark your imagination. The main thing is to have fun while moving with your littles ones. Let them lead you on a fun yoga experience that encourages their creativity and imagination, while stretching and moving their bodies. Don’t worry about perfectly aligned poses. Instead, have fun learning through movement.

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Fun and Easy Ideas for Preschool Yoga to Engage and Educate (Tips from a Preschool Yoga Teacher) | Kids Yoga Stories

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