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Yoga for Kids Book Review and Giveaway

Introducing the Yoga for Kids Books Review
and Video Giveaway by Kids Yoga Stories and Next Generation Yoga

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This is week #7 in our 10-Week Kids Yoga Resources Reviews and Giveaways.

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to Jodi Komitor, who founded Next Generation Yoga in 1998. Jodi opened the world’s first yoga studio just for kids. Check out the Next Generation Yoga website for kids yoga teacher training dates, her recommendations for kids yoga books, and her blog, Why Kids Love Yoga.

I found Jodi’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga with Kids in a library in Sydney, Australia, after I finished my yoga teacher training eight years ago. Even though the book, written by Jodi Komitor and Eve Adamson, was published in 2000, the content is still relevant today and will accompany you on your kids yoga journey for years. The book refers to the yoga principles, which are thousands of years old, making the book timeless.

I love the book’s holistic approach to yoga, including character education, breathing techniques, physical postures, healthy lifestyles, and relaxation. And its tips for all ages make it an easy-to-read resource that you could come back to over again. Kids yoga teachers will find it especially helpful.

Kids Yoga Stories

Jodi and I met for lunch a couple of weeks ago.

A look at this yoga for kids book in more detail:

  • Chapters 1-3: The list of yoga’s health benefits for kids is an invaluable tool to share with parents and teachers. The benefits include aiding kids’ digestion, developing stronger hearts and lungs, fine-tuning motor skills, elongating kids’ spines, gaining stability and balance, and promoting restful sleep.
  • Chapters 4-6: The authors do an excellent job of describing the yoga principles in an accessible way, so that we can easily teach children. I love their child-friendly descriptions of the Yamas and Niyamas. Some of the yoga guidelines are to live in peace, tell the truth, don’t take what isn’t yours, keep it clean, chill out, cultivate self-discipline, and be studious. The suggested reading list offers resources to learn about yoga in more depth.
  • Chapters 7-9: These chapters look at how to begin practicing yoga with your children. The book details how to set up your yoga space, how to start a home practice, and how to find local kids yoga classes.
  • Chapter 10-14: This section discusses what instructors do during kids yoga sessions. The authors describe chanting and breathing practices then outline in detail a group of physical postures inspired by nature. You find yoga themes such as desert, the wild, farms, and the forest—all of which are easy to incorporate into a yoga experience.
  • Chapters 15-19: These chapters present an extensive list of physical postures. Follow a step-by-step guide to practicing the Yoga Sun Dance (Sun Salute), check out the dynamic physical postures, play yoga games, and end in relaxation poses.
  • Chapters 20-22: I love this family yoga section. Check out the breathing exercises, physical postures, and deep relaxation techniques for new moms and dads. My favorites are the six yoga routines you can do with your infant and the toddler yoga adventure stories. But don’t miss “The Yogini’s Ten Steps for Sibling Synchronicity” for tips on creating harmonious sibling relationships.
  • Chapters 23-27: The book wraps up with ways to integrate yoga into your daily life. Yoga is not just about the physical postures; it also encourages us to make other healthy life choices. The practice of yoga can help children’s bodies combat illnesses and injuries. Yoga is for everyone, including children with special needs and teens. Lastly, you find detailed information on how to throw a kids yoga birthday party!

Yoga for Kids
Many of my readers ask about how to practice yoga with their children. This book offers plenty of gems for building a strong, confident foundation for introducing the benefits of yoga to your little ones.

You can find used copies and the eBook version on Amazon.

Because The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga with Kids is no longer print, Jodi Komitor has generously offered to give her new Whale Yoga for Kids DVD away to one lucky winner.

The winner of this yoga for kids video and book giveaway, will receive:

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Whale Yoga

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Yoga for Kids Books

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