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British Wildlife Yoga: Learn about England through Movement

We absolutely love our yearly trip to the visit family in the Southeast of England each summer! 

We stay in a little cottage in the countryside and take day trips to visit special places like the Hever Castle, Groombridge Place (the setting for Elizabeth and the Magnolia Fairy yoga book), and the Winnie-the-Pooh bridge.

One of our favorite trips is to visit the British Wildlife Center. We watch talks on red squirrels, foxes, wildcats, otters, red deer, otters, hedgehogs, and owls. One of the big surprises was how tiny hedgehogs are—they fit in the palm of your hand!

Each night, we look for squirrels and bunnies on the rolling hills outside our cottage, and we’ve been told there is a fox den nearby. After dinner, we follow the country path to visit the two Shetland ponies in a nearby farm. It’s a heavenly experience for all of us.

Back home in New England, we have similar animals, but nothing is quite the same as seeing the British animals up close. In the meantime, we can remember our trip to England by acting out various British wildlife animals through movement!

Below, you’ll find five yoga poses inspired by wildlife in England. If you’re looking for more ways to celebrate England, maybe for Saint George’s Day on April 23rd, check out our downloadable England Yoga Cards for Kids.


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5 British Wildlife Yoga Poses for Kids

1. Pretend to be a red squirrel.

How to practice Squat Pose: Come down to a squat with your knees apart and your arms between your knees. Touch your hands to the ground. Pretend to be a red squirrel gathering acorns.

Squat Pose

2. Pretend to be a fox.

How to practice Extended Cat Pose: Come to all fours, extend one leg out behind you, and look forward. Take the opposite arm out in front of you to counterbalance. Repeat on the other side. Pretend to be a fox dashing across the field to its den.

Extended Cat Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Extended Cat Pose

3. Pretend to be a badger.

How to practice Cat Pose: On all fours, round your back and tuck your chin into your chest. Pretend to be a badger in a forest.

Cat Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Cat Pose

4. Pretend to be a hare.

How to practice Hare Pose: Come to sitting on your heels. Slowly place your head out in front of you on the ground. Take your hands back alongside your body. Then lift your buttocks, being careful to not put too much pressure on your head. Pretend to be a hare in the field.

Hare Pose

5. Pretend to be a hedgehog.

How to practice Child’s Pose: Sit on your heels, slowly bring your forehead down to rest on the floor in front of your knees, rest your arms down alongside your body, and take a few deep breaths. Pretend to be a hedgehog in a garden.

Child's Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Child’s Pose


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British Wildlife Yoga | Kids Yoga Stories

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