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Kids Yoga Stories Releases LOVE YOGA CARDS FOR KIDS [Press Release]

Kids Yoga Stories is excited to announce that they have officially released their newest product: LOVE YOGA CARDS FOR KIDS, digital cards designed to get kids ages three to eight involved in yoga.

The new digital yoga card pack is designed to get children moving, learning, and having fun for Valentine’s Day. The pack includes eighteen yoga pose cards and eighteen matching confidence-boosting affirmation cards, as well as an index card for easy reference. Dancer’s Pose, Camel Pose, and Cobra Pose are among the yoga poses featured to help release emotions, build confidence, and open your heart.

LOVE YOGA CARDS FOR KIDS are designed for use at home, in the classroom, and in the studio. Children from toddlerhood to late primary age can enjoy the graceful and fun poses. Customers give the love yoga cards five stars.

Lani says, “I LOVE these cards—I teach kids yoga and do a LOVE theme for the month of February. I cannot wait to use these to go with my classes. The affirmations are so sweet and so necessary. I love how she connects the affirmations with the poses. I always love Giselle’s products and cannot wait to see what she comes out with next. Her yoga stories and yoga cards are some of my favorite props to use. I highly recommend these LOVE Yoga Cards for Kids!”

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LOVE Yoga Cards for Kids PDF Download (English) Image LOVE Yoga Cards for Kids PDF Download (English) Image LOVE Yoga Cards for Kids PDF Download (English)

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About the Author

Founder, author, and owner Giselle Shardlow is a certified yoga instructor and a former primary school teacher in Australia, Canada, Guatemala, and the United States. She holds a Masters of International Education, and her mission is to bring education, health, and happiness to children worldwide.

Media Contact

Giselle Shardlow
Kids Yoga Stories
Location: Boston, MA
Website: www.kidsyogastories.com


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