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Turning a Yoga No-Show into Clarity, Creativity, and Focus: Lessons from an Empty Kids Yoga Class

Yoga No-Show. Have you ever eagerly planned a kids yoga class, only to find yourself in a room with no little yogis in sight? Don’t worry—you’re not alone in this adventure! 

Picture this: It’s a sunny day in San Francisco, and a passionate kids yoga author (that’s me!) is all set to host a magical yoga story time at an outdoor store. Excitement fills the air as yoga mats are laid out, colorful yoga props are ready, and yoga books are put on display. 

But guess what? Not a single child shows up! Yes, you heard that right—zero attendance! 

Once I got past the initial embarrassment and disappointment, I found myself in a peaceful haven. The room was quiet, and it was just me, my yoga stories, and a serene hour of pure bliss. My daughter was a baby back then, and having a whole hour to myself felt like an unexpected gift.

Now, you might think this experience would have been a huge letdown. But it’s these humble beginnings that sparked the growth of Kids Yoga Stories over the past decade. So, looking back, it was absolutely worth it. We all have to start somewhere!

But the story doesn’t end here. Let me introduce you to Angharad Orchard, a toddler yoga instructor and the creator of Little Gremlins Yoga in England. Angharad recently shared her own zero-attendance kids yoga class story, and it’s filled with unexpected insights.

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Angharad’s Adventure: Lessons from an Empty Kids Yoga Class

Angharad, armed with leaflets and posters, had meticulously arranged her kids yoga class. Friends were hitting the “share” button left, right, and center, and her yoga lesson plans were nothing short of fabulous. Yoga mats were laid out, yoga props were carefully organized, and a dazzling display board showcased everything she had to offer. 

But guess what? You could hear a pin drop in the quiet yoga room—with no little yogis in sight.

Now, was this a disaster? Not in Angharad’s eyes.

She used this time as a golden opportunity to practice her kids yoga session in the actual space where it would happen, rather than her home. It gave her a true sense of how her toddler yoga class would unfold, and the ideas started flowing. Her yoga planning extended all the way into the new year!

Angharad wasn’t done yet. She seized this downtime to handle some administrative tasks, such as reaching out to local schools to spread the word about her toddler yoga classes. Every moment was precious, and she didn’t want to waste a single drop of her yoga training.

As soothing music played in the background, Angharad even stretched out in some yoga moves, enjoying her peaceful sanctuary. And just when she thought the day was a total no-show, the building manager appeared with news of a mother outside inquiring about the kids yoga classes. Angharad welcomed her in, showed her the setup, and shared one of her leaflets.

So, that day with zero attendance was far from a waste. It was a moment of growth and inspiration, and a chance to make a valuable connection. Yes, there was a financial setback, but Angharad refused to dwell on it. This was just the beginning of her journey.

Questions swirled in her mind: How can I promote my yoga classes? How can I fill my yoga classes?

These were all part of the learning process, and the time spent in that tranquil space provided clarity and an opportunity for self-reflection. The experience was over too soon, leaving her trusty notebook brimming with exciting new ideas.


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6 Valuable Takeaways from an Empty Kids Yoga Class: Clarity, Creativity, and Focus

Angharad’s story is a wonderful reminder that setbacks and empty classes can turn into valuable learning experiences and opportunities for personal growth. Here are some key takeaways from her experience:

  1. Persistence: Angharad’s determination to continue despite the initial disappointment is admirable. When facing challenges, it’s essential to maintain your commitment and stay focused on your “why” and your goals.
  2. Adaptability: Angharad used the empty yoga class time as an opportunity to rehearse and refine her session, which is an excellent way to enhance her teaching skills. Being adaptable and using unexpected downtime wisely can lead to personal and professional growth.
  3. Resourcefulness: Angharad explored alternative ways to promote her classes, such as reaching out to schools and utilizing her time for administrative tasks. This demonstrates resourcefulness in seeking new avenues for success.
  4. Mindfulness: She used the quiet time to relax, reflect, and even practice yoga herself. This is a great reminder that peaceful moments, even if they start with disappointment, can offer clarity, creativity, and a chance to rejuvenate.
  5. Positive Outlook: Angharad maintained a positive perspective, focusing on the learning experience rather than dwelling on the financial setback. Maintaining a positive outlook can help you persevere through challenges.
  6. Networking: An unexpected visitor inquiring about her classes showed that opportunities can arise when you least expect them. Networking and being open to connections can lead to future success.

In the world of teaching and entrepreneurship, setbacks are common, but they can also be stepping stones to growth and success. Angharad‘s story serves as a valuable reminder that every experience, even those that start with disappointment, can offer valuable lessons and insights for the future. Embrace the unexpected, for it might just lead you to your brightest moments!



(written by Angharad Orchard)


Turning a Yoga No-Show into Clarity, Creativity, and Focus: Lessons from an Empty Kids Yoga Class | Kids Yoga Stories

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