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Marketing Tips for Yoga Teachers: Marketing Tools to Grow your Kids Yoga Business (Interview)

Inside: 5 marketing tips for yoga teachers

Unlock the Power of Marketing Tools for Your Kids Yoga Business 

In one of our Kids Yoga Stories Ambassador calls, one of the participants asked, 

“What marketing tools are you using to get your kids yoga program out there? And what online platforms have been effective in reaching your target audience?”

As a kids yoga teacher, you understand the positive impact yoga can have on children. But what if you could reach even more families and spread your message further? By taking advantage of digital and print marketing tools, you can greatly expand the reach of your kids yoga business and attract more students. 

With all of these ideas, it can take some creativity, courage, and confidence to put yourself out there. Consider asking a friend or assistant to help promote your services while you are busy teaching your kids yoga classes. The main thing is to ask for help—you don’t have to do this all alone!

5 Marketing Tools for your Kids Yoga Business

Let’s take a look at five effective marketing tools that we discussed as in our KYS Ambassador call that will help you grow your business (in order of popularity): 

#1: Word-of-Mouth Advertising 

Word-of-mouth advertising is still incredibly effective when it comes to driving new business, especially when it comes to children’s activities. One way to encourage word-of-mouth advertising is by asking current families to share your services with their friends. You could even offer discounts or promotions for returning customers who refer new clients. 

For example, to build that know-like-trust factor, you could have friends carry around your business cards to share with their friends. You could reach out to your personal connections (ex. Girl Guide groups, retired teachers, or librarians) to see if they have any ideas for spreading the word.

You could also attend networking groups to share your services and ask others to help get the word out. You might join a Mommy and Me group to get to know other moms who might be interested in signing their children up for your yoga classes.

#2: Email Marketing

Email marketing is great tool for yoga teachers looking to connect with their audiences and promote their classes or workshops. With email marketing tools like MailChimp or ConvertKit (we use this one at Kids Yoga Stories), you can easily create beautiful emails for your subscribers and track metrics like open rates and click-throughs. Plus, you can use these platforms to segment your audience into different lists based on interests or behaviors so that you can send targeted messages to different groups of people. 

For example, you could set up a consistent email schedule by sending out a weekly (or monthly) newsletter to your subscribers. Or you could email your local schools or preschools once a month to keep in touch and share your offerings. Email is also great for sending a message to local community organizations or libraries with a clear outline of your proposed program.


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#3: Print Material 

Print materials are another way to spread the word about your kids yoga teaching business. They serve as eye-catching advertisements, provide helpful information for your existing students and prospective ones alike, and create credibility in the world of wellness. To get started, try working with a brand or marketing person to put together a clear visual for your business.

For example, once you have a clear idea on your branding, then you can use a design service, like Canva.com, to create your own posters or postcards that can be printed at your local printer. The posters could be put up in your local library, grocery store, community bulletin board, playground, or other community organizations. 

#4: Social Media Platforms 

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to share information about your business, engage with potential customers, and build relationships with existing clients. Some popular social media platforms include Facebook and Instagram, both of which are free to use and can help you promote your classes. 

For example, you can share photos or videos from past classes or events (with permission) to engage with your community and give them insight into what it’s like to attend one of your classes and get them excited about what’s coming up. 

You could create your own kids yoga business page or also share from your personal page. Social media also allows you to easily connect with other local businesses or organizations who may be interested in helping to promote your offerings or partnering up with you on a collaborative event.

#5: Company Website 

Having a website is essential if you’d like to get serious about growing your kids yoga business. And while it may seem intimidating at first, building a website doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, especially if you find a friend or family member to help. For example, my dad was my website builder for the first five years of Kids Yoga Stories!

We use WordPress here at Kids Yoga Stories, but we hear others use website builders like Wix or Squarespace as a starting point. They provide easy-to-use templates that allow even non-techy folks to quickly create a professional-looking website without any coding skills required, but they can be very limited, so do some research to see what fits best for you.

On your website, you might like to share a few photos of your students (with permission), your kids yoga class schedule, some information about your background and experience, testimonials from past customers, and basic information about what children will do in your classes.

While marketing your kids yoga business can feel daunting at first, we recommend working step-by-step to developing your presence online and in your local community. It often takes a combined approach, including word-of-mouth, social media, and a website to establish your brand. Once you are doing what you love (teaching kids yoga), your reputation will go a long way in attracting the right students to your classes!


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5 marketing tips and tools for growing your yoga business and advertise your yoga classes | Kids Yoga Stories

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