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How to Create a Successful Kids Yoga Teacher Business (Interview)

In the world of children’s yoga, Mimi from Mimi’s Yoga Kids stands out as a beautiful example of determination, resilience, and a whole lot of heart. Her story will inspire anyone looking to kick-start their own kids yoga business! 

Mimi’s journey into the kids yoga teacher business is truly inspiring and reflective of the challenges and successes many aspiring kids yoga teachers experience. In our interview (see below), Mimi shared her background, as well as insights into starting a kids yoga business, overcoming obstacles, and her top tips for success.

Mimi’s Story: From Passion to Purpose

Mimi’s journey with children’s yoga began with a deep passion for spreading joy and positivity. Her light-bulb moment struck when she started practicing yoga with her grandson, realizing that children could benefit from yoga too. That was when the idea of sharing the gift of yoga with children and families took root, and Mimi’s kids yoga journey officially kicked off.

Navigating the Initial Hurdles of Starting a Kids Yoga Business

Starting out wasn’t a walk in the park. Mimi began by hosting “birthday parties” without revealing the yoga aspect, gradually building interest and enthusiasm for what she had to offer. The positive responses she received boosted her confidence and pushed her toward turning her passion into a full-time gig. Transitioning from a stable job to a venture with uncertain outcomes was a rollercoaster ride, but her meticulous planning and firm belief in the ancient wisdom of yoga paid off in the long run.


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Pivoting Through Challenges of Running a Kids Yoga Business

When the pandemic hit, Mimi’s business faced serious setbacks, but that didn’t deter her spirit. Instead, it made her more resilient and determined to come up with creative solutions. She pivoted to virtual platforms, connecting with schools and communities to offer engaging online kids yoga classes and private yoga lessons. She turned a tough situation into an opportunity, expanding her reach globally and embracing innovative ways to continue sharing the gifts of yoga with children.

Top Tips for Starting Your Own Kids Yoga Business

In the interview below, Mimi generously shared her top tips for fellow aspiring kids yoga teachers. From laying a strong foundation with necessary paperwork to building a network and staying true to one’s unique voice, Mimi’s advice emphasized the power of authenticity, genuine passion, and of knowing one’s “why.” She encouraged future kids yoga entrepreneurs to connect with organizations and build a word-of-mouth network, highlighting the importance of staying true to one’s strengths and passions.

The Importance of Authenticity and Compassion in Kids Yoga Teaching

Mimi strongly advocates for authenticity and compassion in teaching kids yoga. Her nurturing approach focuses on understanding and connecting with children on an emotional level, creating a safe environment for them to explore. She believes that a child’s emotional state significantly impacts their engagement, and her compassionate nature fosters trust and positivity in her classes.

Changing Lives, One Pose at a Time

Mimi’s journey of Mimi’s Yoga Kids shows the inspiring power of yoga for children and the determination, courage, and passion needed to make it in the entrepreneurial world. Her commitment to her “why” and firm belief in the healing potential of yoga continues to make a profound impact on the lives of children and families around the world. With a commitment to spreading joy, healing, and mindfulness, Mimi offers an inspiring tale of turning passion into purpose.

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