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Harry Potter Yoga Storyline - learn, be active, and have fun! | Kids Yoga Stories

Harry Potter Yoga Class for Kids

Do you remember where you were when the first Harry Potter book was released? I was working as a primary school teacher in Guatemala at an International American School. My Spanish-speaking students learned to read in English just so that they could read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Imagine that. It was amazing to […]

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How to Play a Yoga Pose Memory Game - learn yoga poses, increase memory skills, and get exercise!| Kids Yoga Stories

How to Play a Yoga Pose Memory Game

Learn yoga poses with this fun Memory Yoga game! From your responses to our Kids Yoga Stories reader survey a couple of months ago, I know that you also have or work with children who are “outside the box” – children who don’t fit the typical behaviors of children described in parenting and teaching books. […]

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5 Swamp Books for Kids and 5 Swamp Animal Yoga Poses for Kids - to learn about swamp life through books and movement | Kids Yoga Stories

5 Swamp Books for Kids and 5 Swamp Animals Yoga Poses for Kids

For another interesting kids yoga class idea, why not learn about swamp flora and fauna through swamp animals yoga poses for kids! Recently, we visited a plantation near Charleston, North Carolina. We were excited to see egrets, dragonflies, alligators, turtles, cypress trees, Spanish moss, great blue herons, moorhens, and butterflies on our swamp tour. When […]

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Yoga for Spring: yoga poses for kids to celebrate spring | Kids Yoga Stories

Yoga for Spring (Printable Poster)

Spring is almost here! Looking out over a snow-covered backyard, I am definitely ready for spring here on the East Coast of the USA. It’s time to get out the spring-themed library books, get outside to observe the changing of the seasons, and put away our winter coats. What better way to celebrate spring than […]

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Practice these five garden yoga poses for kids using a chair in your classroom or homeschool | Kids Yoga Stories

5 Garden Yoga Poses Using a Chair

Welcome to our chair yoga ideas for kids series – this month we feature five garden yoga poses! With my daughter in kindergarten, I am reminded again about being a primary school teacher and the importance of integrating movement into the students’ learning experiences. I’m hoping this year-long series will help to bring yoga into […]

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Garden yoga ideas for kids | Kids Yoga Stories

Garden Yoga Ideas for Kids

Learn about the garden with these fun and easy garden yoga ideas! At home or in your classroom, you can also use movement to teach your children about the garden. Children are born to move. They need to learn, be active, and have fun! Why not add movement to their learning experience? To get started, […]

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St. Patrick's Day Yoga sequence by Kids Yoga Stories

St. Patrick’s Day Yoga

I love St. Patrick’s Day!  Don’t you? I have fond memories of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) with family and friends around the world.  The shades of green and joyous attitudes on this special celebration are hard to beat.  It’s also a fun holiday to celebrate with your children at home, in your studio, […]

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antarctic animals yoga

6 Antarctic Animals Yoga Poses for Kids

“Penguins, seals, and whales” was the response when I asked our Australian friend about which animals he saw on his recent trip to Antarctica. My husband has always talked about going to Antarctica, so he was very envious when we found out his best buddy had taken a month-long adventure trip down south. As we […]

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