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Easter Yoga Poses for Kids + Easter Yoga Game

Our local Easter egg hunt marks the beginning of spring for us here in the Northeast of United States. Though we’ve lived here for over ten years now, the cold winter season still comes as a shock to our family. So any time there’s a chance to bring out cute and colorful spring and Easter yoga and Easter activities with my daughter, we’re in!

We’ve received Easter catalogs in the mail and seen Easter books on display in the library. What do you have planned for your Easter celebrations? Along with your fun Easter activities, why not add movement to your celebrations with these five Easter yoga poses for kids.

Simply clear a space (indoors or outdoors), practice barefoot (if possible), grab a yoga mat (or towel on a non-slip surface), and give yoga a go! Feel free to encourage your children’s creativity—ask them if they have any other Easter yoga poses to add to the sequence.


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Easter Yoga Poses for Children

The following kid-friendly yoga postures have been specifically sequenced to invite flow from one pose to the next. But feel free to shorten or lengthen the sequence to suit the ages and needs of your children. Make this Easter yoga experience your own.

1. Pretend to be a Chick or Duck – Squat Pose

How to practice Squat Pose: Come down to a squat with your knees apart and bend your arms, pretending they are the wings of a duck. Then try waddling and quacking like a duck.

Squat Pose

2. Pretend to be an Easter Bunny – Hero’s Pose with Bunny Breath

How to practice Hero’s Pose with Bunny Breath: Come to rest upright on your heels with your palms resting on your knees and take four to six short breaths then a long exhale to pretend to be the Easter Bunny.

Hero Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Hero’s Pose

3. Pretend to be an Easter Lily – Flower Pose

How to practice Flower Pose: Sit on your buttocks, keeping a tall spine, then lift your bent legs while balancing on your sitting bones. Weave your arms under your legs with your palms facing up. Pretend to be a blossoming Easter lily.

Flower Pose

4. Pretend to be an Easter Egg – Egg Pose

How to practice Egg Pose: Balance on your buttocks while hugging your knees to your chest. Pretend to be an Easter Egg.

Knees to Chest Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Egg Pose

5. Pretend to be the Spring Breeze – Resting Pose with Extended Breath

How to practice Resting Pose with Extended Breath: Lie on your back with your arms and legs stretched out. As you exhale deeply, use the sound of your breath to be the spring breeze blowing across the meadow.

Resting pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Resting Pose

Do you have any favorite Easter books to go with your Easter yoga poses? We’d love to hear your recommendations.

Please add your Easter book titles to the comments below.

Easter Yoga Poses Game

Once the children are familiar with the Easter yoga poses, try this Easter Yoga game:

  1. Cut out several small pieces of paper.
  2. Write an Easter yoga pose on each piece.
  3. Fill plastic Easter eggs with the poses, one in each.
  4. Hide the Easter eggs around your house or outdoors.
  5. Once the children find an Easter yoga egg, they can practice the pose individually or as a group.

Feel free to encourage their creativity—your children might come up with their own Easter yoga games!

Easter yoga game for kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Easter yoga game



Easter Yoga: poses and games for kids to have fun with | Kids Yoga Stories
Easter Yoga Poses for Kids

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