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Kids Yoga Starter Kit: 11 kids yoga resources | Kids Yoga Stories

Kids Yoga Starter Kit

Enter the Kids Yoga Starter Kit giveaway below. “How do I get started with kids yoga?” I hear this question all the time. If you’re looking to introduce your children to yoga this holiday season, I would love to share with you a few resources to get you started on your own kids yoga journey. […]

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List of 58 Kids Yoga Poses in Spanish | Kids Yoga Stories

Kids Yoga Poses in Spanish

This page is the Spanish version of our popular Yoga Poses for Kids page. I love Spanish! I developed a love for the Spanish language during the five years I spent living in Guatemala, working as a primary school teacher. Since then, I’ve found ways to practice Spanish both at home and while traveling. I’m […]

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How to Practice Warrior 3 Pose with Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

How to practice Warrior 3 Pose

Welcome back to our Kids Love Yoga (#kidsloveyoga) pose challenge. Each month, we feature a new yoga pose you can practice with your children. Check out the collection of pictures below, where children and adults demonstrate the focus pose. This month’s challenge is Warrior 3 Pose. My daughter and I took a couple of trips […]

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26-Pack of Bedtime Yoga Cards for Toddlers and Preschoolers to match Good Night, Animal World yoga book | Kids Yoga Stories

4 Ways to Play with Bedtime Yoga Cards

Bedtime yoga is a miracle in our household! Our spirited and active toddler doesn’t get lethargic when she’s tired—she gets wired. Even with our nightly ritual of the 4 B’s (Bath, Brush teeth, Books, and Bed), sometimes a warm bath doesn’t calm her down from her highly stimulated day. On the days when she needs […]

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