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Yoga Poses for Kids Cards that Make Learning Yoga Fun [Press Release]

Kids Yoga Stories Announces Release of Informative Yoga Poses for Kids Cards that Make Learning Yoga Fun

There is no doubt that, for most kids, healthy activities are much more fun and interesting when they are presented as a game. In the spirit of moving and having fun, Kids Yoga Stories has released a new set of Yoga Poses for Kids cards, a wonderful way to explore yoga with children. The deck features 25 easy-to-perform yoga pose and instructions. So far, customers adore them.

Encouraging children to explore yoga gets them started with healthy habits as young as possible. Kids Yoga Stories is at the forefront of the healthy-play movement, and the Giselle Shardlow, author of the Kids Yoga Stories, is well known for her picture books that introduce yoga to children. Recently, the company announced the release of another yoga tool, Yoga Poses for Kids Cards. The beautifully illustrated cards each show a yoga pose and provide a brief explanation of the pose.

“We feel really passionate about the impact of our new Yoga Poses for Kids Cards on families,” commented Giselle Shardlow, owner and author of Kids Yoga Stories. “It’s a fun and interesting way to encourage kids to do yoga. By making yoga more like a game, we reach more kids. So more kids are out there learning and staying active, and that’s a great thing.”

According to Giselle, the new Yoga Poses for Kids Cards set includes 25 yoga pose cards along with 25 matching keyword cards. This makes it simple for kids to come up with their own yoga games by themselves, or for parents to participate and for yoga fun.

The cards, illustrated by Michael Koch, are appropriate for kids of all ages. Early reviews have been positive across the board.

Diane K., from Maine, recently said, “The new Yoga Poses for Kids card deck is brilliant. My son is seven and never showed much interest in doing yoga on his own until we gave him the cards as a present. Now he’s always trying a new pose. We were trying to help him with healthy habits, and this made it so much easier. Fully recommended.”

For more information, be sure to visit https://www.kidsyogastories.com. Sign up for the free weekly Kids Yoga Stories newsletter for yoga tips and kids yoga resources.

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About the Author
Giselle Shardlow draws from her experiences as a teacher, traveler, mother, and yogi to write her yoga books for kids. The purpose of her yoga stories is to foster happy, healthy, and globally educated children. She lives in Boston with her husband and daughter.

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