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Mem Fox Book and Toddler Yoga

We love Mem Fox’s books at our house.  Possum Magic and Koala Lou are both favorites in our collection of Australian books.  We’ve made a special effort to expose our daughter to Australian-themed books and Australian authors as part of her heritage.

Mem Fox lives in Adelaide, Australia, and has written over thirty children’s books.  She is also an educational specialist who writes and speaks on literacy issues.  Though she is semi-retired, Mem Fox still has a strong voice in the children’s literature community around the world.

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More of our favorite books by Mem Fox:

Time for Bed

Where Is the Green Sheep?

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Hattie and the Fox


Whoever You Are

Two Little Monkeys

Mem Fox Books recommended by Kids Yoga Stories for this month's Virtual Book Club for Kids

As part of this month’s Virtual Book Club’s spotlight on Mem Fox, below are yoga poses integrated with one of her books.

Toddler Yoga with an Animal Book by Mem Fox

Many of Mem Fox’s books feature animals, which easily translate into animal yoga poses for kids if you are looking to add movement to your story time.

A great option for toddler yoga is Hello Baby! because of the book’s large animal images and single-line descriptive rhyming text on each page.  Start by clearing some space, put on comfortable clothing, and explain to your toddler or preschooler that you are going to read and act out the book together.  Use the yoga poses below as a guide or create your own postures based on the animals’ behavior.

Hello Baby! book by Mem Fox - perfect for toddler yoga

The first five yoga poses for Hello Baby! are:

Monkey – Squat Pose
(Come down to a squat and tap your chest like a monkey.)

Porcupine – Extended Child’s Pose
(Come to sitting back on your heels, slowly bring your forehead down to rest in front of your knees, place the palms of your hands flat out in front of you, and take a few deep breaths.)

Eagle – Eagle Pose
(Stand tall in Mountain Pose, wrap one leg around the other, bring your bent arms out in front of you, wrap your arms together the opposite way, and slightly bend your knees. Perch on a tree like an eagle.)

Gecko – Plank Pose
(Come down to a plank on your hands and toes like a gecko.)

Lion – Cat Pose
(On all fours, tuck your chin into your chest and round your back.  Come to neutral flat back, stick out your tongue, and exhale loudly like a lion.)

Which yoga poses could you invent for the rest of the animals in the book?  Try hippo, leopard, elephant, warthog, crocodile, zebra, and owl.  Have a look at our list of kids yoga poses for inspiration!

Four yoga poses for kids inspired by a book by Mem Fox

Squat Pose, Extended Child’s Pose, Eagle Pose and Cat Pose
Poses found in our yoga stories for kids


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Virtual Book Club for Kids

Virtual Book Club for Kids

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