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6 Yoga Books for Toddlers: Learn basic concepts through movement 

More and more, families and teachers from all over the world are introducing yoga to their children. From brain breaks in the classroom that incorporate chair yoga poses to YouTube videos that instruct children on how to practice yoga poses, yoga is becoming a part of life for kids and families everywhere.

Here at Kids Yoga Stories, it warms our hearts to know that yoga is spreading and that kids are regularly practicing yoga with their families, friends, and classmates.

Yoga books for toddlers are a wonderful way to engage children and to introduce basic yoga poses in a safe and fun way. Through stories, pictures, and their own imaginations, kids can increase movement and strength, improve flexibility, and discover new tools for calming down.

We have compiled our favorite yoga books for toddlers from the Kids Yoga Stories library to help you discover new and colorful ways to spark your children’s interest and get them moving.

6 Yoga Books for Toddlers:

1. 123 African Safari: A Counting Yoga Book for Toddlers

Join Baraka as he goes on a safari with his family around beautiful and exciting Tanzania, Africa.

Practice your African animal poses as you drink like a zebra, cruise like an ostrich, and sleep like a lion. Learn about this spectacular country through movement while also practicing to count to fifteen. This African yoga counting book includes a list of 15 kids yoga poses and a parent-teacher guide.

YouTube video
123 African Safari - A Kids Yoga Counting Book | Kids Yoga Stories

2. The Grateful Giraffe: A Feelings Yoga Book for Toddlers

Express your feelings through yoga poses for toddlers!

Join our six yoga kids from around the world as they learn about various animals and relate their behaviors to our feelings. Be a caring koala, a cranky crocodile, or a curious cat. Visit countries around the world, learn about various animals, and talk about feelings.

YouTube video
The Grateful Giraffe - toddler yoga books for kids | Kids Yoga Stories

3. Good Night, Animal World: A Bedtime Yoga Book for Toddlers

Help your children sleep better with this yoga bedtime story.

Say good night to the animals of the world through calming yoga poses for kids. Join six yoga kids as you perch like a bald eagle, crouch like a tiger, and curl up like a sloth. Included is a list of yoga poses and a parent guide with tips on creating a successful bedtime experience.

YouTube video
Yoga book for toddlers: Good Night, Animal World by Kids Yoga Stories

4. Maria Explores the Ocean: A Colors Yoga Book for Toddlers

Dive in to learn about Pacific Ocean animals through ocean yoga poses for kids!

Join Maria as she explores the ocean with her granddad. Glide like a manta ray, float like a jellyfish, and cruise like a parrotfish. Learn what’s under the water, act out ocean animals, and practice colors!

YouTube video
Maria Explores the Ocean, ocean yoga poses, ocean books for kids | Kids Yoga Stories

5. Hello, Bali: A Good Morning Yoga Book for Toddlers

Energize your body and mind with this yoga island adventure book.

Say good day to the magical island of Bali through these energizing yoga poses for kids. Join one of the Yoga Kids, Anamika, as you surf like a surfer, dance like a Balinese dancer, and sit like a monkey. Included is a list of kids yoga poses, basic Indonesian phrases, and a parent-teacher guide with tips on creating a successful yoga experience.

YouTube video
Yoga book for toddlers: Hello, Bali by Kids Yoga Stories

6. The ABC’s of Australian Animals: An Alphabet Yoga Book for Toddlers

Learn the alphabet by acting out Australian animals!

Curl up like a koala, hop like a kangaroo, and waddle like a wombat as you act out an Australian animal for each letter of the alphabet. The book includes an alphabetical list of kids yoga poses and a parent-teacher guide. Learn something new, explore movement, and have fun together!

The abc's of Australian Animals. abcs and yoga, teaching kids yoga | Kids Yoga Stories


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6 Yoga Books for Toddlers

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