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Calling All Dog-Lovers: Try Dog Yoga!

Dog yoga below.
Dogs are people’s best friends, right!

My daughter was attacked by a dog when she was two, so she was terrified of dogs for years. If a dog was anywhere in sight, she would scream and jump up into my arms. It was heart-breaking for her to go through so much fear, especially since almost all our neighbors have dogs.

And then suddenly, when she was about six years old, everything changed, and now she is a massive dog lover. So we can empathize with both sides of the coin, so to speak. It is now heart-warming to see her deep connection to our neighbor’s dogs as if they were her own. 

We’ve been watching some documentaries recently on the healing power of dogs for people with extreme anxiety, PTSD, or other additional needs. Check out Dogs on Netflix with six episodes exploring the bond of dogs and their caregivers.

If you’ve got some dog-loving young ones who are interested in learning about the different breeds, try out these five dog yoga poses for kids below. 

If you’re looking for more poses, check out our Dog Poses for Kids Cards with 20 poses and 20 matching cats. Prance like a poodle, crouch like a corgi, and beg for treats like a beagle. Also, for our pet-loving readers, stay tuned for our new yoga story coming soon, titled Polly’s Perfect Pet.


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1. Pretend to be a Labrador.

How to practice Squat Pose: Come down to a squat with your knees apart and your arms between your knees. Touch your hands to the ground. Pretend to be a Labrador.

Squat Pose

2. Pretend to be a dachshund.

How to practice Puppy Pose: From all-fours, slide your hands out in front of you while lowering your chest toward the ground. Keep your arms straight and raise your elbows off the ground. Rest your forehead between your extended arms, letting your spine curve naturally. Pretend to be a dachshund.

puppy pose for kids , inversion poses and more| Kids Yoga Stories
Puppy Pose

3. Pretend to be a cocker spaniel.

How to practice Table Top Pose: Come to an all-fours position with your fingers spread out and palms flat on the ground. Ensure that your back and neck are in a straight but neutral position. Your shoulders should be over your wrists, and your hips should be over your knees while the tops of your feet are flat on the ground. Pretend to be a cocker spaniel.

Table Top Pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Table Top Pose

4. Pretend to be a Siberian husky.

How to practice Three-Legged Dog Pose: From an all-fours position, lift your knees, straighten your legs, and send your buttocks up into an upside-down V shape. Gently lift one leg up at a time. Pretend to be a Siberian husky.

Three-Legged Dog Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Three-Legged Dog Pose

5. Pretend to be a border collie.

How to practice Extended Child’s Pose: Sit back on your heels, slowly bring your forehead down to rest in front of your knees, place the palms of your hands flat out in front of you, and take a few deep breaths. Pretend to be a border collie.

extended child's pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Extended Child’s Pose

Do you have a dog at home? What poses does your dog do naturally? Tell us in the comments below!




dog yoga for kids | Kids Yoga Stories

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