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10 Yoga Gifts for Toddlers

Yoga is about creating a union between your mind, body, and spirit. It’s a lifestyle that encourages wise choices healthy, happy living. Though nothing is needed to practice yoga, a few tools have made practicing yoga with my daughter even more fun.

The following kids yoga products would make fabulous gifts for the seasoned or beginner yogini in your life. No one is too young to experience the benefits of yoga. And best of all, the whole family can enjoy these gifts.

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10 Yoga Gifts for Toddlers:


My daughter loves Kira Willey’s Dance for the Sun. We took it to a cabin this summer on a family holiday. Everyone joined in singing along and doing the yoga poses. The first song on the CD, “Dance for the Sun,” takes you through a sun salute, which is a great way to start your day. It is a fabulous CD to play during the holiday season to get your family and friends moving, singing, and laughing together. Read my review of the yoga music CD here.


Our favorite yoga video is Umbral Yoga Spanish Yoga video. We get the opportunity to practice a kids yoga class together—and learn Spanish! Lina, the yoga teacher in the video, takes the children on a journey to the farm, the beach, and Africa. Read my review of the yoga video here.

Yoga Gifts


There are lots of choices of yoga cards available for children to play with independently or as a family. Playing with yoga cards is a great way to practice the different yoga postures in isolation. Children can make up their own yoga games or yoga poses, too. Check out our 26-pack bedtime yoga cards to match our Good Night, Animal World yoga book.


There are many excellent toddler books that are perfect for practicing yoga together. Some of our favorites are books by Bill Martin Jr, Eric Carle, and Rufus Butler Seder. Basically, any toddler books with animals that can be acted out are a good fit.


To gain a deeper understanding of yoga and to learn how to practice yoga with your children, nothing beats a comprehensive kids yoga resource book. I’ve reviewed some of my favorite books, including Yoga for Children by Lisa Flynn and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga with Kids, co-authored by Jodi Komitor.  These are great books to read in front of a warm fire or take on a family vacation with you.

Yoga Gifts


Children are born yogis. My mom practiced yoga with us as infants in our living room. Now, as a new mom, it’s been fun to watch my yogini learn different poses. The Itsy Bitsy Yoga book by Helen Garabedian is an excellent resource with several age-appropriate yoga routines for infants and toddlers. The book provides you with the tools to get started with a regular yoga practice at home or on the road. Read the review of the toddler yoga book here.


Learning the alphabet through movement is a perfect activity for a curious toddler. Check out our ABC’s of Australian Animals (Coloring book and Spanish version also available) if learning about unique Australian animals interests your child. I recently picked up The ABCs of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Power, which will be fun to read with my family when our daughter is a bit older. These are yoga books that children can read and act out together in pairs or small groups.

Yoga Gifts


My daughter and I used to practice yoga only in the mornings. A few months ago, we started to integrate yoga into our bedtime ritual to help her release the extra energy from her busy day. Practicing a few yoga poses before bed was magic! She went from being high strung and cranky, to being able to snuggle up for a bedtime story after she read through our bedtime yoga book. Good Night, Animal World was inspired by my active toddler. Hopefully, the bedtime yoga story and yoga cards will bring calm to the little people in your life, too, during this holiday season.


There is something really special when my daughter runs down the hallway shouting out, “Yoga!” She grabs her yoga mat and gets ready. She understands that yoga is a special time to share together. She seems proud to have her own little mat as her own special place. My husband and I are big fans of The Little Yoga Mat.

Yoga Gifts


Our yoga comes with us everywhere we go. My daughter and I love going to the zoo or a local farm to see animals. She makes up yoga poses to mimic the behavior of the animals. Some of her first poses were giraffe, elephant, and tiger. A trip to your favorite attraction or a walk in nature are great ways to share the gift of yoga with your toddler outdoors.

Kids yoga pose butterfly

Our daughter in a Butterfly Pose at the park.

I hope that these kids yoga products bring joy to your household this holiday season. Please share if you have any other suggestions. We are always looking for new ideas!

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