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Jungle Yoga Book Ideas

Sophia’s Jungle Adventure was based on my own travels to Costa Rica. I spent a day hiking to the waterfalls near Volcano Arenal. In the jungle yoga story, Sophia and her family act out what they see and hear on their own hike. As they follow along with Sophia, readers fly like a toucan, slither like a snake, and flutter like a butterfly. The Sophia’s Jungle Adventure Yoga Cards extend your child’s jungle yoga adventure and offer another opportunity for creative, independent play. Children use the jungle yoga cards to sort and match the yoga poses and matching jungle-themed keywords. Sophia lives in San Francisco, is a nature lover who enjoys traveling and writing projects.

Some ways to jazz up your jungle yoga story experience:

Pre-reading Jungle Yoga Book

Sophia’s Jungle Adventure Activities:

  1. Gather information about different jungle animals from YouTube clips, Newspaper reports, Magazines pictures, Internet sites, Guest Speakers, or Library Books.
  2. Discuss children’s past experiences with different rainforest animals.
  3. Talk about the sights, sounds and smells of the jungle.
  4. Use visuals to discuss the characteristics of jungle animals.
Sophia's Jungle Adventure ImageSophia’s Jungle Adventure Sophia's Jungle Adventure Yoga Cards | Kids Yoga StoriesSophia’s Jungle Adventure
Yoga Cards
Sophias Coloring Book | Kids Yoga StoriesSophia’s Jungle Adventure
Coloring Book

Post-reading Jungle Yoga Book

Sophia’s Jungle Adventure Activities:

  1. Use a rainstick to signal the time to sit up, and close your jungle journey.
  2. Take pictures of the children doing the different poses and make a class book of “Our Rainforest Journey.”
  3. Talk about different types of forests on the planet and which animals live where.
  4. Invite guest speakers to talk about jungle animals.
  5. Bring in pictures of different rainforest animals and create different sequences.
  6. Play rainforest sounds and encourage the children to listen with their eyes closed.
  7. Give students a chance to use their imagination and move around imitating different jungle animals.
  8. Do 5 minute presentations on their favorite rainforest animal or Latin American country.
  9. Paint pictures of the different layers of the rainforests and label/draw the different animals that live in each layer.
  10. Read books with rainforest animal topics.
  11. Make a table with pictures of  “Animals who live in the Rainforest” on one side and “Animals who don’t live in the Rainforest” on the other.
  12. Host a “Rainforest Party” and decorate with a rainforest theme.
  13. Write rainforest stories and read them out loud to each other.
  14. Make their own Nature Books like Sophia has in the storybook.
  15. Plan an imaginary trip to Central or South America by using maps, guidebooks, travel sites, travel brochures, or magazines.
  16. Discuss or debate the impact of deforestation and global warming on rainforests.


Jungle Yoga Book Reading Video

Click on the YouTube video below for the jungle yoga book reading video to play in your reading corner:

YouTube video

Download your Jungle Yoga Lesson Plan

Download a Jungle Yoga lesson plan here.Jungle Yoga Lesson Plan for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

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