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25 Camping Yoga Pose Ideas for Kids (+ Printable Poster)

Bring the fun of camping to your home, studio, or classroom through imagination and movement – try these camping yoga poses for kids and read these recommended camping books for kids!

We love camping!

My family did loads of camping when we were kids, so it’s super exciting to share our passion for camping (aka “glamping”) with my daughter. We’ve started a new tradition with her preschool friends to go camping together each fall. Each year, seven families gather together for a fantastically fun weekend.

It’s non-stop fun—we hike around the lake, play in the playground, swim in the lake, bike around the campsites, and roast marshmallows on the campfire. The children love exploring the forest and looking for animals. Squirrels are busy collecting acorns, coyotes howl at night, birds fly overhead, and raccoons scurry around at nighttime. A few of us were even lucky enough to see a porcupine waddling through the campsite. By the lake, we’ve seen fish, frogs, and even a snake (the highlight of their weekend)!

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10 Camping Books for Kids

We took a huge pile of camping books out of the library, but here are our top ten favorites (the first five books listed are our top five choices):

Because Your Mommy Loves You
by Andrew Clements and R.W. Alley
A mom encourages her son to be independent on their camping trip.

Ladybug Girl and Bingo
by David Soman and Jacky Davis
A young girl goes on a forest adventure with her dog on a family camping trip.

A Camping Spree by Mr. Magee
by Chris Van Dusen
A hilariously funny and engaging story of a man and his dog stuck in their camper van that suddenly plunges down the mountain.

When We Go Camping
by Margriet Ruurs and Andrew Kiss
A family is busy exploring on their camping trip – the real-life illustrations are magnificent.

Do Princesses Make Happy Campers
by Carmela LaVigna Coyle and Mike Gordon
A rhyming princess book that shows how to look on the bright side to become a happy camper.

Angelina and Henry
by Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig
A sweet camping adventure for fans of Angelina Ballerina.

by Nancy Hundal
A gentle story illustrating how a family discovers the magic of the wild while camping.

Camping Out (Clifford the Big Red Dog series)
by Lisa Ann Marsoli
One of the campers brings all the luxuries of home to their group camping trip and soon realizes that she doesn’t need her “stuff” to have a good time.

Stella and Roy Go Camping
by Ashley Wolff
A wonderfully illustrated book about a girl and boy who find animal tracks on their Yosemite camping trip with their mom.

S is for S’mores: A Camping Alphabet Book
by Helen Foster James and Lita Judge
This alphabet book takes the reader through the A to Z of what you’ll see and do on a camping trip.

Do you have any other favorite camping books for kids? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Camping Books for Kids

25 Kid-Friendly Camping Yoga Poses

Bring the fun of the camping experience to your classroom, home, or studio with these fun and easy camping yoga poses for kids. Use this camping theme to enjoy the benefits of yoga while capturing your child’s imagination.

Once you’ve browsed through some camping books for kids and maybe even gone on a camping trip with your children, here are some camping yoga postures that will bring the experience to life whenever you may be. Simply wear comfortable clothing, practice barefoot, clear an empty space, and give it a go!

Animals and nature you might see on a camping trip:

  • Moon (Crescent Moon)
  • Trees (Tree Pose)
  • Birds (Warrior 3 Pose)
  • Squirrels (Squat Pose or Toe-Ga)
  • Frogs (Squat Pose)
  • Coyotes (Cat Pose)
  • Snake (Cobra Pose)
  • Fish (Locust Pose)
  • Raccoon (Hero Pose with Gyan Mudra)
  • Porcupine (Child’s Pose)
  • Water Beetles (Happy Baby Pose)
  • Clouds (Easy Pose)

Activities you might do while camping:

  • Hiking (Walking In Place)
  • Swimming (Locust Pose)
  • Making Sandcastles (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)
  • Canoeing (Boat Pose)
  • Sliding down the slide at the playground (Reverse Plank Pose)
  • Biking (Knees to Chest Pose)
  • Sleeping in the tent (Resting Pose)
  • Roasting marshmallows (Easy Pose)

And here are 5 camping yoga poses that you’ll find in our Yoga Poses for Kids Cards pack (Deck Two) within the camping category of yoga cards:

1. Table Top Pose – pretend to be a tent.

How to practice Table Top Pose: Come to an all-fours position with your fingers spread out and palms flat on the ground. Ensure that your back and neck are in a straight but neutral position. Your shoulders should be over your wrists, and your hips should be over your knees while the tops of your feet are flat on the ground. Pretend to be a tent in a campground.

Table Top Pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Table Top Pose

2. Legs Up the Wall – pretend to be a lantern.

How to practice Legs Up the Wall pose: Lie flat on your back then slowly raise your legs straight up toward the sky, making an L shape with your body. Keeping your legs together, flex your feet. Spread your arms out to either side and keep your neck in a neutral position. You could also rest your legs up a wall instead. Pretend to be a lantern lighting up the campsite.

legs up wall pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Legs Up the Wall

4. Crescent Moon Pose – pretend to be the moon.

How to practice Crescent Moon Pose: Stand tall with legs hip-width apart, feet facing forward, and straighten your arms alongside your body. Reach your arms up high over your head, bringing your palms together. Tilt your upper body to one side, pretending to be the moon. Come back to center. Tilt your body to the other side.

Crescent Moon Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Crescent Moon Pose

5. Wide-Legged Forward Bend – pretend to be a woodchopper.

How to practice Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose: Stand tall with legs hip-width apart, feet facing forward, and straighten your arms alongside your body. Step your feet out wide, bend your upper body, clasp your hands together, and pretend you are chopping wood like a woodchopper.

Wide-Legged Forward Bend for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Wide-Legged Forward Bend

You could end your camping yoga session by talking through a nighttime-themed or camping-themed relaxation while the children are in Resting Pose. Encourage them to imagine a peaceful, quiet night sleeping under the stars.

So even though we have to wait until next spring to go camping again, we can still bring the fun of camping to our lives through imagination and movement!

Grab your Camping Yoga Cards for Kids

Pretend to be a tent, campfire, and lantern!

Download these camping digital yoga cards to learn through movement in your home, classroom, or studio. This pack includes a helpful index, quick tips, practice guide, 20 Yoga Pose cards, and 20 matching Camping cards. The yoga kids are multicultural from seven countries. Ages 3+

Purchase your Camping Yoga Cards for Kids here

Download your Camping Yoga Poster


Camping yoga pose ideas for kids

Watch the Camping Yoga Pose video

YouTube video

Check out Claire’s Camping Adventure

A Camping Yoga Book for Kids! Act out what you might see and do on a camping trip!

Join Claire and her cousin as they go on a weekend camping adventure in New England. Spot a raccoon, roast marshmallow over a campfire, and rest in the tent.

Discover a camping adventure, explore movement, and practice being both active and relaxed.

This colorful and fun yoga adventure book also contains:

  • Detailed descriptions of each yoga pose so you feel confident you’re guiding children to perform the positions safely.
  • A parent-teacher guide with helpful tips to get the most out of your experience.
  • Ages 4+

Get your copy of Claire’s Camping Adventure here. 

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