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Boat Pose for Kids

Welcome to the second post in our monthly Kids Love Yoga series!

Each month, we’ll feature a new yoga pose along with pictures of children from around the world practicing the pose.

Our most popular page is the list of kids yoga poses, so I thought it would be fun to share pictures of children practicing the various poses every month.

My daughter first starting practicing Boat Pose in the bath while singing “Row, row, row your boat” with her arms rowing her pretend boat.  She seems to be able to balance on her buttocks better under water.  We have also done this pose together too (see sample partner pictures below).

Join us for this month’s pose: Boat Pose!

Sanskrit name:  Navasana


  • Strengthens the abdomen and spine.
  • Invigorates the body.
  • Helps relieve stress.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Helps build stamina.

You could pretend to be: a boat, ship, canoe, kayak, bowl, valley, or nest


Come to sitting with a tall spine and your legs bent.  Lean back slightly, take your arms straight out parallel in front of you, balance on your buttocks, and lift your straightened legs to 45 degree angle in front of you.  Keep a tall spine and tighten your belly.  Then pretend to rock in the water like a boat.

Pictures of children around the world practicing Boat Pose >> Kids Love Yoga series on Kids Yoga Stories

Pictures of children in Boat Pose from our fellow yogi and blogger friends:

Yoga Fun by Next Generation YogaNext Generation Yoga Boat Pose by Casey Feicht

Kids Yoga Guide

Double Boat Pose by Aryn Badorine Rannazzisi

Aryn’s Family Yoga

Partner Boat Pose by Lauren Darnell Lauren D.

Boat Pose by Janice L.Kids Yoga Stories

 Boat Pose by Rene H.
Rene H.

Boat Pose by Crafty Moms ShareCrafty Moms Share Double Boat Pose from The Inspired TreehouseThe Inspired Treehouse
Boat Pose by Crystal's Tiny TreasuresCrystal’s Tiny Treasures Boat Pose by Crystal's Tiny Treasures's boyCrystal’s Tiny Treasures
Mom and Child Yoga by Stretch and Smile
Stretch and Smile
Boat Pose by Yoga In My School
Yoga In My School
Yoga class in South Africa by Yoga KittensYoga Kittens Boat Pose from YogaKiddosYogaKiddos
Boat Pose by Laura Gardash
Ahhsana Yoga
Boat Pose from Capri+3Capri +3

Yoga by the harbor from Capri +3

Capri +3

Yoga at school by Jodi B.
Jodi B.
Partner Boat Pose at school by Jodi B.Jodi B. Partner Boat Pose by Jodi B.Jodi B.
Boat Pose by Kids Yoga StoriesKids Yoga Stories Double Boat by DanniDanni H.

Boat Pose Video:

YouTube video

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Sophia’s Jungle Adventure Sophia's Jungle Adventure Yoga Cards | Kids Yoga StoriesSophia’s Jungle Adventure
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