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5 Interesting and More Advanced Yoga Poses for Kids

Back in January, I made a little video series called the “4 Steps to Teaching Yoga to Kids.” I spoke about my philosophy that teaching yoga to children starts with our own practice. And from our own enthusiasm for this ancient wisdom, we’ll be better equipped to share the benefits of yoga with our children. 

Lately, I’ve also been thinking about various ways that my daughter comes to the yoga life in her own way. The other day, I was writing up the pose instructions for our third deck of advanced yoga poses. I talked her through the Shoulder-Pressing Pose to double-check that I had the instructions clearly explained.  

Shop Yoga Books for Kids | Kids Yoga StoriesTo my surprise, she has been fixated on practicing the pose every day to try to get into this difficult pose. She even taught it to my husband (who is way more flexible and much stronger than me)!

This made me think that we need to tune in to not only our preferred ways to practice, but also our children’s interests and passions to make the yoga practice engaging for them. 

For those children who like to challenge themselves with poses or who are ready for more difficult poses, definitely check out our Yoga Poses for Kids Cards (Deck Three) with fifty poses. Below you’ll find five of the poses from that yoga card deck. 


5 Advanced Yoga Poses for Kids

This list of five more challenging yoga poses for kids serves as an inspiration guide, but please encourage the children’s creativity. Some tips: 

  • Focus on having fun with movement, not on practicing perfectly aligned poses.  
  • Empower them to teach themselves the poses and try them out. Have them teach each other.  
  • Don’t worry if you don’t get the yoga pose the first time. Go easy on yourself and keep practicing. Some of these postures are extremely difficult. Think of this as a lifelong practice that evolves over time. 
  • It is very important to listen to your body when practicing the more advanced poses. Only do what feels comfortable to you. 
  • Take time to rest after a session of practicing the yoga poses. Lie in Resting Pose and take a few long, deep breaths to allow your body to soften and to release any tension in your body. 



1. How to practice Heron Pose:

Sit with your legs straight out in front of you and a tall straight spine. Bend your right knee and tuck your foot in under your right thigh. Bend your left knee. Cup your hands around your left foot (or calf) and reach it straight up in front of you. Keep your spine straight and try reaching your leg toward your forehead. Switch sides and repeat the steps. 

Advance Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

2. How to practice Revolved Side Angle Pose:

From Downward-Facing Dog Pose, step your right foot to the inside of your right hand. Come to a lunge position, with an open chest and your flat palms on the ground (or on blocks). Bring your torso upright and bring your palms in front of your heart. Then twist your upper body to the right. Hook your left elbow on the outside of your right thigh. Keep your palms together, look up, and open your chest to the twist. Come out of the pose gently, switch sides, and repeat the steps. 

Advanced Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

3. How to practice Shoulder-Pressing Pose:

Come to a squat position with your knees out wide. Place your flat palms (facing forward) on the ground between your legs. Reach your right hand back under your right foot. Tuck your right shoulder under your right calf. Then do the same with your left hand under your left foot. Tuck your left shoulder under your left calf. Bend your arms, drop your hips, and walk your toes out in front of you. Cross your toes over each other. Lean slightly forward and press into your hands. Come to a balance to hover above the ground. 


Advanced Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

4. How to practice Side Crow Pose:

From Revolved Chair Pose on the right side, come down to a squat position. Place both palms flat on the ground. Keep your right outer thigh on your left arm. Place the top of your right thigh on your bent upper right arm. Tilt forward, looking up, and try to lift your toes off the ground in a side balance. Switch sides and repeat the steps. 


Advanced Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories

5. How to practice Wild Thing:

Start in Downward-Facing Dog Pose. Shift forward to a plank position with your shoulders over your wrists. Rotate into a side plank position by stacking your left shoulder over your left wrist and lifting your right hand to the ceiling. Lift your right foot at the same time as you are shifting into side plank. Bend your right leg and take your right foot back behind you. Carefully place the ball of your right foot under your right hip. Keep your chest open, press firmly into your left hand, and ensure your hips are up high. Take your right hand to reach up overhead. Hold for a few breaths then reverse the steps to come out of the pose. Switch sides and repeat the steps. 

Advanced Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories


How were those more advanced poses for you and your children? Any favorite poses? Did your children enjoy the challenge? 

If you’re looking for more poses like these, definitely check out our third deck of advanced yoga poses for kids. 



Challenging Yoga Poses for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories


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