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Yoga and Mindfulness Activities in Spanish (for Hispanic Heritage Month)


Are you a teacher with Spanish speakers in your class? Are you on a mission to celebrate diversity with your students or children? Are you interested in yoga and mindfulness resources in foreign languages? We have compiled below a list of yoga and mindfulness resources and activities in Spanish.

Nothing matters more to me than celebrating our differences and showing our children the world’s diversity. September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic American Heritage Month. It is an opportunity to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions who have inspired others to achieve success. It is also a great opportunity to practice Spanish, of course. 

Yoga and Mindfulness in Spanish

5 Poses for Calm Yoga – Poster in Spanish 

Yoga for Calm - Spanish Poster | Kids Yoga Stories

Mindfulness para Familias: 3 actividades fáciles y divertidas para ayudar a las familias a parar, conectar, y respirar mejor

Mindfulness para Familias | Kids Yoga Stories

Kids Yoga Stories in Spanish

Did you know that many of our story books are available in Spanish (as well as many other languages)? Here is a selection of our favorite ones.

Shop our Spanish books here.

Kids Yoga Poses in Spanish

Below, you will find an extensive list of kids yoga poses with their translations in Spanish and English as well as illustrations for each pose.

List of 58 Kids Yoga Poses in Spanish | Kids Yoga Stories

Mexico Yoga Cards


Pretend to be Mexican dancer, a quetzal, and the Mayan Ruins. Poses include Revolved Chair Pose, Star Pose, and Eagle Pose.

Mexico Yoga Cards for Kids, yoga poses, yoga sequences for kids | Kids Yoga Stories

Explore the Wonders of the World

Inspired by our 5 Wonders of the World yoga flow below, you could make up your own travel around Spanish-speaking countries or landmarks. The one we provide below includes the Tikal Temple in Guatemala.

Wonders of the World through Yoga Poses | Kids Yoga Stories


Yoga and Mindfulness Activities in Spanish | Kids Yoga Stories

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