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Dinosaur Yoga Lesson Plan

Any dinosaur-loving fans out there?

One of our Kids Yoga Monthly members, Larissa, has kindly offered to share her Dinosaur Yoga Lesson Plan with our community. Her own children helped her to make up the dinosaur-themed yoga poses. Larissa says that the dinosaur yoga theme is one of her students’ absolute favorite classes. They love it!

Dinosaur Yoga Lesson Plan for Kids

Theme: Dinosaur ROAR! Even the Tiniest Dino’s can do great things!

Age Group: Ages 2 to 7 years old

Opening Activities:

  • Ring the chime
  • Class discussion based around props: discuss the plastic dinosaurs everyone brought in and talk about how many different kinds there are.


“No matter the size (big or small, tiny or tall), come one dinosaur, come all! No matter how loud they can roar or sing, even the tiniest dinos can do great things!”


Dino’s Breath (Done to Lion’s Breath—breathe deeply in and exhale audibly two times).

“As dinos, we need to take some deep breaths before we start our dinosaur journey. Are we ready to breathe?”


  • “Dino Ditty” (song from YouTube)
  • “We Are the Dinosaurs” by Laurie Berkner


Practice a Dinosaur Lifecycle yoga flow:

  • Child’s Pose (Egg),
  • to Cobra (Baby Dino)
  • Hero’s Pose (Mid-Size Dino)
  • Warrior I (Large Dino)

Practice Sun Salutes to “Dino Ditty” Song.

Dinosaur Yoga Poses:

  • Child’s Pose (Dino egg)
  • Cat/Cow Poses (Dinosaurs that walk on four legs)
  • Mountain Pose exploding up into Five-Pointed Star Pose (Volcanoes, which were common during the time of dinosaurs)
  • Warrior 1 Pose, yelling, “Dino strong!” (T-Rex)
  • Warrior II Pose, yelling, “Dino slow!” (Brachiosaurus or Argentinosaurus)
  • Warrior III, saying, “Dino fast!” (Pteradactyl)
  • Side Angle Pose (Stegosaurus)
  • Triangle pose (Triceratops)
  • “Make your Own Dino Pose”: Kids can take turns creating their own dinosaur poses.

Games/Creative Movement:

  • Digging for Dino Fossils game: Pretend to look for dino fossils. Bring some shovels and buckets and pretend to be digging up dirt to find fossils, looking for them.
  • Dino Tag: Play “We are the Dinosaurs,” and when the music stops, each child becomes one of the Dino poses we did in class.
  • Dino Eggs: Write various dinosaur yoga pose names on small bits of paper and put them inside plastic Easter eggs. Then scatter the eggs around the room or a specific area. Once the children find an egg, they open it up and practice the pose written on the paper.


When the children are finished with the Dino Dig game, read the “DINO ROAR” or “Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs” book as they lie down with their dinos as “breathing buddies” for a dino relaxation moment. Have the children think about their favorite dinosaur and favorite dinosaur pose from class. Relax into a nice dinosaur resting pose.

Closing Activity:

Have the children cover their eyes then ring the chime when it’s time to wake up all the little dinos.

Have you tried a Dinosaur Yoga theme with your children? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

About the Author

Larissa Noto guest article dinosaur yoga poseson Kids Yoga Stories

Larissa Noto has been practicing yoga for twenty years. In teaching both children and adults, Larissa firmly believes that yoga can be made accessible to all those who seek to practice. She is passionate that yoga and mindfulness can and should be an essential component in all school programs from infancy through high school. Larissa currently teaches adults and children of all ages at various yoga studios, organizations, and schools in Eastern Pennsylvania and also teaches through the non-profit group, Pratyush Sinha Foundation, which brings yoga and mindfulness into schools. When she isn’t sharing her love of yoga with others, she serves as a lawyer, professor, and parent support guide for those whose children have special needs and enjoys her life as a wife and mom of three boys. You can connect with Larissa online anytime through Facebook and Instagram @thelovelylittlelotus.

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Dinosaura Yoga Poses and Lesson Plan - learn about dinosaurs through movement | Kids Yoga StoriesDinosaur Yoga Lesson Plan

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