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5 Core Yoga Poses for Kids: Increase Core Strength, Improve Posture, and Build Strong Foundation in a Fun, Easy Way

Adding to the long list of parent guilt, I’m worried about my daughter’s screen use and the effect on her posture and core strength. She dove into video gaming during the pandemic, and we are still recovering from a pandemic hangover. 

My daughter is more slouched over and has a much more sedentary lifestyle than before. We have to constantly cajole her and convince her to play outside or take her out for nature walks

This is partly because she’s entering the gnarly tween years, but it’s also because our children were locked inside for such a long time, they adapted to life indoors.

As shameful as this is to admit, I know I’m not alone in being concerned about my daughter’s posture and lack of core strength. 

I hear from OTs (occupational therapists) and PTs (physical therapists) that they are seeing a lot of children of all ages (as well as adults) with poor core strength. And a once-a-week OT session isn’t going to be enough—we need a whole lifestyle change.

To help combat the issue of children’s lack of core strength, try these core yoga poses to engage the abdominal muscles necessary to build a strong foundation. It’s essential that children stabilize and align their torsos to improve posture.


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The five core yoga poses below can be practiced one pose at a time or in this specifically designed yoga flow from one pose to the next. Focus on having fun with movement, not on perfectly aligned poses. Practice these poses on a yoga mat or other non-slip surface and make sure you have enough room to move safely. As we all know, core strength doesn’t happen overnight—it needs to be practiced on a regular basis.

1. Crow Pose

How to practice Crow Pose: From a squat position, place your palms flat on the ground out in front of you. Place your knees gently on the backs of your upper arms. Tilt forward to lift your toes off the ground and balance on your bent arms, looking forward.

Side Crow Pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Crow Pose

2. Plank Pose

How to practice Plank Pose: Step back to balance on your palms and on your bent toes in a plank position. Keep your arms straight and your back long and flat. 

Plank Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Plank Pose

3. Dolphin Pose

How to practice Dolphin Pose: On your hands and knees, bend your elbows and rest your forearms on the ground, keeping your palms flat on the ground. Lift your knees to straighten your legs and then look forward. 

Dolphin Pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Dolphin Pose

4. Scale Pose

How to practice Scale Pose: Come to sitting comfortably cross-legged or in Lotus Pose. Place your palms flat on the ground outside your thighs. Lean forward slightly, press into your hands, and lift your buttocks and legs off the ground. Hold for a few breaths then slowly lower to the ground.

Scale Pose | Kids Yoga Stories
Scale Pose

5. Boat Pose

How to practice Boat Pose: Balance on your buttocks with your arms and legs straight out in front of you in a V shape. Keep a straight spine and open chest.

Boat Pose for Kids | Kids Yoga Stories
Boat Pose


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Core yoga poses for kids:  Increase Core Strength, Improve Posture, and Build Strong Foundation in a Fun, Easy Way | Kids Yoga Stories

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