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Why Do You Love Teaching Yoga to Children?

This “passion” post is part of our monthly theme at Kids Yoga Stories.  I have been reflecting on the love of teaching yoga to children.

Our family is creating a yoga practice together, making it up as we go along.  At home.  In the park.  At the airport.  Wherever we go, there’s our yoga practice.  A few minutes a day.  Really simple.

It’s not perfect.  Of course, we wish that we could practice more often.  But we do the best we can, in the hopes of creating a yoga-friendly lifestyle with our daughter.

An inhale-exhale with arms outstretched, an elephant pose at the zoo, picking up garbage on the street, sitting quietly together with eyes closed, or a few poses before bedtime are some of the things we do together.

Why I love teaching yoga to our toddler: 

  • increases her language development through actions, until she is ready to talk
  • practices something active at home, that doesn’t involve the screen
  • embraces her self expression as she imitates her natural surroundings
  • gives her a sense of pride and accomplishment doing something that comes naturally
  • provides us with an activity that we practice together, a sacred time to connect and bond
  • enables us to speak in English and Spanish
  • helps to promote a lifelong, active, healthy lifestyle that we can do together
  • channels her energy into something positive and helps to calm her mind and body
  • builds a platform for us to talk about the guiding principles of yoga (character education) when she is older
  • improves her balance, strength, and flexibility
  • builds connections to her environment in a fun, active way
  • gives us a chance to bring children’s books alive by acting them out
  • helps her to unwind at the end of the day and invite sleep
Try it!  Set aside 5 minutes a day to practice yoga together.  Check out my Articles and Free Resources for further inspiration on how to get started.


Our daughter with some kids yoga books.



Why kids yoga teachers love teaching yoga to children:


“I love seeing kids with special needs, especially those with Autism, ADHD & anxiety, experience moments of peace & joy. Their smiles are priceless.”

Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2
Speech-Language Pathologist at the JD McCarty Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Founder of OMazing Kids, LLC – inclusive wellness activities for kids of all abilities
Radiant Child Yoga Certified – Levels 1 & 2
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“When I teach I know that my classes will be fun and interesting. There are never two classes the same and each child is unique and special. They are teaching you in the end and this is what makes it so special. 
They have a great imagination and you lead them on fascinating adventures. I have encouraged my older students to take turns and sit out the front and lead meditation.  I am often surprised how much they know.
It does not feel like a job when I teach, more like my inner child coming out to play, they are so much better than teaching adults, hence why I don’t teach too many, only one on one.
The children with special needs have something to offer everyone in their own little way too.
It’s a joy and a pleasure to be able to connect with these special souls …”
Michelle Mukti
Founder & Director
Divine School for Children’s Yoga
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“The reason I love teaching kids yoga the most is because of their enthusiasm and their pure joy from the yoga postures we do.”
Jo Owens
Bee Yoga
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What’s your story?  Why do you practice yoga with your children?  Why do you love teaching yoga to children?


Please email me at giselle at kidsyogastories dot com and I would love to add your comments to this list.


Bringing the joy of yoga to you and your family …




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