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Library Summer Reading Program 2020: The Enchanted Forest

Enter the magical world of the Enchanted Forest this summer through your local library’s summer reading program!

Each summer, we look forward to the amazing programs our local library puts together to get children excited about reading while preventing the summer slide. And this year’s theme is a perfect segue from months of distance learning into an exciting world of dragons, mermaids, and unicorns. We could all use a little magic right now!

To add movement to your literacy experiences, we’ve put together some related blog posts and yoga resources that will be sure to add a little sparkle to your reading adventures. 

Yoga Themes for your Summer Reading Program 2020

Grab your magic carpet (yoga mat) and let’s go for a pretend journey to the Enchanted Forest.

Click on the links below to explore various creatures through movement:

Magical Creatures Yoga

Mermaid Yoga



What were some of your favorite Enchanted Forest books you read this year? Tell us in the comments below!


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