Summer Fun Kids Activities

14 Screen-Free Summer Fun Kids Activities

I’ve been noticing a lot of primary school aged children hanging out looking bored and playing on their iPhones, as my 2-year-old daughter and I have been playing at our local playgrounds this past week.  It got me thinking about ways to get children having fun and being active this summer.

Fourteen ways to have summer fun with children, without TV or other electronic devices:

1.  Plan a vacation together.  Travel is also an educational experience and great way to reinforce language, mathematics, geography, and history.  Image courtesy of World Travel Family, on the All Done Monkey site.

World Travel

2. Spend the afternoon making fun, healthy and delicious food together.  Fifteen popsicle recipes compiled by All Done MonkeyImage courtesy of The Scrap Shoppe.

3. Make your own Puppet Theater and host a puppet show.  Fourteen other Fun Ideas to add to your Summer Bucket List by Inspired by Familia.

4.  Make a Recycled Box Playhouse.  With a cardboard box, ribbon, dowel, glue, and a splash of creativity, check out this backyard playhouse.  Image courtesy of Inspired by Familia.

5. Make a Neighborhood Tree Guide.  Get out some tree books from the library, go for a walk around your neighborhood, and make a tree book to identify your local trees.  Image courtesy of Kid World Citizen.

6. Play with sidewalk chalk and play Hopscotch.  Keep it simple with chalk, water, and rocks.  Image courtesy of Toddling in the Fast Lane.

7.  Take evening walks as a family collecting twigs and leaves, looking for worms and bugs.  Idea thanks to Meera Sriram.


8.  Made a plaster cast of an animal track.  Twenty four other fun art projects with kids to do outside.  Image courtesy of Spoonful.

9.  Make up fun activities that involve your bike or scooter.  Have a look at these ten bicycle-inspired activities.  Image courtesy of The Good Long Road.

10.  Read books and play board games.  Keep it simple.  Idea thanks to Meera Sriram.


11.  Make musical instruments.  You could play the spoons, make a whistle from a blade of grass, or take a nature walk then make a rattle.  Image courtesy of Daria Music.

12.  Create something from recycled materials.  For example, check out five ways to learn and play with recycled milk caps.  Image courtesy of The Good Long Road.

13.  Go for a nature walk and look for animals.  An all-natural bird feeder and bird watching tips by  Discovering the World from my Son’s Eyes.

14.  Travel the world from your home through Family Yoga.  Here’s a kids yoga sequence inspired by Africa.


A special thank you to the wonderful bloggers from the Multicultural Kid Blogs group for sharing their ideas to create this list.


Have some other ideas?  Please email me at giselle at kidsyogastories dot com.  Would love to hear about other screen-free summer fun kids activities!

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