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The Most Important Thing We Can Do Right Now

On the news the other day, the reporter said that 50% of children declared that they are anxious and depressed as a result of the Covid-19. They interviewed parents and teachers who said that children need social-emotional learning in the classrooms and it has to be the main focus this year.

Quite frankly, the health and wellbeing of our children is at stake right now. And guess what? Our health and wellbeing as adults is also in a critical state. We’re surrounded by:

  • Families scrambling to figure out whether they should stay in the public school system, create a pandemic pod, or hire a private teacher
  • Uncertainty and stress with no end of this pandemic in sight, now termed as “COVID fatigue,” with reports everywhere of poverty, homelessness, and unemployment
  • Teachers having to learn new technologies and create online curriculum in a flash, with last-minute decisions on remote, hybrid, or in-person schedules

How in the world can we expect our children to be regulated and calm, when we as grownups are potentially facing one of the hardest times in our lives? We’re living in survival mode most of the time, just trying to get through each day. We’re ungrounded and exhausted.

There is one thing we can do to help, though. This one strategy is simple, and yet profound.

It’s no longer something that’s “nice to do” or something you put off for when you have more time.

This one thing helps both us and our children. It’s something that we can all do anywhere, anytime.

The strategy?

Breathe well.

Take a moment, even in the chaos, even when you have a million things on your to-do list, even when your children are fighting, even when you’re at your computer, planning lessons…

To take three deep breaths. 

Do it now.

Take your shoes off. Feel yourself grounding into the earth.

Rub your hands together to gather some heat.

Close your eyes if that’s comfortable or gaze down in front of you.

Place your palms on your chest or on your forehead.

Inhale as you count 1-2-3-4 and exhale, counting 1-2-3-4.

You can do this.

Inhale as you count 1-2-3-4 and exhale, counting 1-2-3-4.

Imagine sinking into the ground.

Inhale as you count 1-2-3-4 and exhale, counting 1-2-3-4.

Let it all go.

Do this in your kitchen, outside in the garden, or in your car. Just get it done. Again and again and again. Our health and wellbeing is at stake. 

Now imagine for a moment: 

  • If children took a deep breath before responding to a friend in frustration.
  • If parents took a deep breath before yelling at their children.
  • If spouses took a deep breath before responding to a difficult situation.
  • If everyone took a deep breath before posting something angry or negative online.
  • If politicians took a deep breath before speaking in their heated arguments.

Taking a deep breath brings us to the present moment. It allows us to see and think more clearly. I know you all know this, but it’s our job to keep reminding each other, each and every day. 

We have a job right now—to choose peace over anger. This is our opportunity to make positive changes. And we can start that positive change today, right now, with the simple practice of breathing deeply.

Since the quarantine started, I’ve seen my child’s behavior regress radically. After years of struggle, we were finally on a positive path to helping her navigate her dysregulation and moods. But that seems to be all behind us now, and each day now breaks my heart. And I know that my child isn’t the only one suffering.

Get your children and students involved in a regular and consistent breathing practice, too. Let their breath give them the gift of self-regulation. Let their breath help build their self-awareness and calm their nervous systems. Use your intuition on how to introduce breathing exercises to your children.

For breathing exercises, see this blog post here:

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We’ll get through this pandemic, one day at a time, while supporting each other in a positive way. We can do this by coming back to the basics and focusing on what really matters. Sending love and peace to you all.


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