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More Bookshelves Around the World

Kids Yoga Stories is a proud campaign partner for Read Aloud 15 Minutes, a non-profit organization that hopes to change the face of education by making fifteen minutes of daily reading aloud the new parenting standard. Reading aloud for just fifteen minutes a day can have a tremendous impact on literacy in America!

Did you see the first post, Bookshelves Around the World?  That post was so popular that we wanted to share a few more pictures from other bloggers.

There’s something so inspiring to take a peek at children’s bookshelves around the world.  No matter our background or where we live, books are a universal way for us to connect with each other.

Just imagine if every child around the world had access to quality children’s literature.

Pictures of children’s bookshelves from around the world:

Bookshelves 2KuriousKids

With a 3+ year age gap, my two children Hannah (9) and Jacob (6) have a variety of books on their bookshelves.  Often Hannah will read to Jacob from his bookshelf, however Hannah does enjoy reading her books by herself.
Heidi, 2KuriousKids



Book display showing how to use environmental print to increase second language exposure.
Amanda, Educators’ Spin On It



Our front facing bookshelf for Farm Study.
Amanda, Educators’ Spin On It


One of the bookshelves in the playroom that include board books, picture books, and chapter books.
We rotate the books monthly to keep interest high.


My son’s books are on the lower shelf and I think that the ones on the upper shelf are more or less all mine.
The soft toys on top of the shelf are his though 🙂


My dad recently built this bookshelf for us to be able to display our toddlers’ books.  It makes it much easier for her to choose the books that she would like to hear at nap time and also for her to pursue during the day.  The books are a mix of English and Spanish.
We keep her yoga stories on the top level!


What are some of your favorite books on your bookshelf?

Read Aloud

Read Aloud for 15 Minutes a Day


Yoga Kids holding Kids Yoga Stories books

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