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Bookshelves Around the World

Kids Yoga Stories is a proud campaign partner for Read Aloud 15 Minutes, a non-profit organization that hopes to change the face of education by making fifteen minutes of daily reading aloud the new parenting standard. Reading aloud for just fifteen minutes a day can have a tremendous impact on literacy in America… and around the world!

To celebrate reading around the world, I asked my international blogging friends to send pictures of their children’s bookshelves. By peeking into these houses in various countries, we can see how integral books are to children’s lives, no matter where they live.

Children’s Bookshelves Around the World:


BookshelvesOur son can sit there for an hour “reading” in his quiet book nook and he does not care,
if the book are in one of the two official languages of Canada, French or English,
or the language of his father’s side of the family, German.

Valerie, Glittering Muffins, Canada

Bookshelves Around the WorldOur shelves are a happy multilingual books mess. You can find Russian, English and Chinese books here.
Varya, Creative World of Varya, China

BookshelvesMy Monkey loves to read!  We have books in English and Spanish, and right now
his favorite subjects are robots, volcanoes, and Halloween. 🙂

Leanna, All Done Monkey, USA

BookshelvesInstilling a passion for reading has always been a priority in our family.
We have a variety of  multicultural books,  and children’s book in both English and Spanish. 
Story time at home is always our son’s favorite part of the day!
Frances, Discovering The World Through My Son’s Eyes, USA

These shelves are full of books in four languages (English, French, Portuguese and
a few German).  They were made by LJ’s grandfather.  We rotate what books go on top for a bit of variety as she can’t reach the top shelf by herself yet.  The tipi also serves as a
little reading nook where she reads to her dolls.
Annabelle, The Piri-Piri Lexicon, Germany
We try to keep them separated by language: Spanish, English, and French. Living in Asia, access to affordable books in our target languages can be quite difficult; we’ve been extremely lucky to have good friends gift us books their children have outgrown.
Cordelia, Multilingual Mama, Thailand
My son speaks Spanish and Catalan and is learning English and a little bit of French.
His favourite books so far are Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie, Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and Le Ballon rouge by Albert Lamorisse.
Marta, A Bilingual Baby, Spain

What do your bookshelves look like at your house?

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