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London Yoga

I’m excited to introduce our guest this month, Nicola Preskett.  She is a primary school teacher, children’s yoga teacher and children’s author from London, England.  Nicola’s first book, Hudson and Me, will be released in April and features the adventures of her small and cheeky sausage dog.  

Fifteen years ago, Nicola and I taught together at an American School in Guatemala and have kept in touch ever since.  As part of the Kids Yoga Stories’ focus this month on the United Kingdom, Nicola shares with us about the place she calls home.

Introducing you to London, England

London is a big busy city with all kinds of different things to see and do.

  • We have incredible historical buildings, like the Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London – telling tales of Kings and Queens of England.
  • We have the hustle and bustle of markets – where sellers of fish, flowers, meat and breads call out and bargain with each other every morning.
  • We have huge parks – where you can paddle a boat, hire a bike, see the Queen’s deer, or take in the views of the city.

This and so much more!

Join me as I share my favourite parts of this gorgeous city, London:

This is the most famous of all our landmarks. It’s actually the clock that is called Big Ben, but the whole tower is pretty impressive. It’s next to a building called The Houses of Parliament where lots of important decisions are made each day about how to make England a better place. Big Ben chimes every hour, and you can see it in lots of films set in London, like Mary Poppins!

Covent Garden


Covent Garden is an amazing indoor and outdoor market where you can buy all kinds of wonderful things. They have yummy food, arts and crafts, and there’s always an entertainer around the next corner. You can sit on the pavement and watch jugglers, gymnasts, fire breathers, musicians, and comedians. It’s a lot of fun!

Hyde Park

London has lots of parks but one of the most famous is Hyde Park. It is a huge park and beautiful to wander round. I take my sausage dog, Hudson, there all the time. They have fountains and lakes with rowboats that you can hire. In the summer time they put out deck chairs to enjoy the sunshine, and have huge concerts and events there as well. Look how many people there are at that concert!

In the winter, we have Winter Wonderland there which is a German Christmas fair and market that lasts for 3 months. You can drink hot chocolate and eat warm doughnuts, then go on lots of rides, try ice skating, and finish with a hot dog! Perfect.

Buckingham Palace

No trip to London would be complete without a trip to see the Queen’s house, Buckingham Palace. It’s a beautiful, enormous house which has 52 bedrooms! When the Queen is at home they have the flag flying on top of the roof.

The Queen of England is a very special lady, and the house has lots of precious things in it. So Buckingham Palace is guarded by soldiers. They wear huge hats made of bear skin, and a lovely red and black uniform. They stand still for a very long time and are very serious!

Food to eat when you are in London:

We have some really yummy foods to try when you come visit us here. Try these out when your tummy is rumbling!

Fish and chips


Shepherd’s Pie

Eton Mess


 Sticky Toffee Pudding

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little bit of London and there is SO much more to see. Please do come over and visit anytime – it’s a great place to be!

For a journey to London in your studio, classroom or living room, check out this:

Download a London-inspired Kids Yoga Sequence

Lots of love Nicola  xxxx

Join my Facebook page to learn more the adventures of Hudson, our small and cheeky sausage dog.  Stay tuned for the first book in the series, Hudson and Me, which will be released in April, 2013 through Amazon.

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We hope that your children have enjoyed learning something new about London, England.  My parents were both born just south of London, so we visited every year growing up. 

One of the Kids Yoga Stories characters is from England.  Her name is Elizabeth and she will appear in a book coming out later this year!  For information on the release date, please sign up for the weekly Kids Yoga Stories Newsletter by entering your email address below.

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