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30 Day Meditation Challenge. New Year. New Goal.

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Back in September, 2014, my husband and I finally stopped procrastinating and began our practice of sitting silently for fifteen minutes every morning.

After years of talking about meditating, we officially committed after my husband (the left-brain thinker) read this research article. Then I (the right-brain feeler) attended a talk by none other than the Dalai Lama.

My practice started strong for the first two years, and I was incredibly proud of my discipline. However, as things always do in life, my meditation practice began to wax and wane.

I’m longing to bring back the benefits that I felt when my practice was daily:

  • Starting the day with a sense of calm and peace
  • Having energy and serenity to help support my daughter through her emotions
  • Feeling more focused in my business
  • Feeling more connected to and loving towards my husband

Back when I first started the meditation practice, I simply rolled out of bed and sat on my bedroom floor on a bolster with blocks under my knees, looking out over the backyard. Then I closed my eyes and sat silently for fifteen minutes while counting my breath using mala beads in my right hand. I loved that twice around the mala beads was fifteen minutes, so I didn’t need to be interrupted by an alarm. Finding a routine that worked for me made the experience a joy instead of a struggle.

My meditation itself hasn’t changed much over the years. However, now I have a gorgeous meditation space (thanks to my husband’s generous Christmas presents). I sit on meditation cushions made by Dharma Crafts, have my Buddha on a wooden table handmade by my hubby, and have a bowl of crystals based on my intention for the year. I hold mala beads in my right hand and a specific crystal in my left hand, depending on how I’m feeling that morning (for example, I have a specific stone for gratitude and another for when I need to feel more grounded). I sit silently listening to my breath for five to ten minutes. When I’m traveling, I simply find a comfortable place to sit, close my eyes, and concentrate on my breaths for a few minutes. It’s not fancy, but it makes a world of difference to my mental wellbeing.

Join our 30 Day Meditation Challenge!

I remember for years not really knowing how to practice meditation. It seemed like something only certain people knew the inner secrets to. Once I jumped into the practice, though, I realized that meditation is a personal practice, and you can design your own practice to fit whatever makes sense to you. Realizing that took all the pressure off trying to meditate in the “right” way.

One thing I’ve learned with meditation is that meditation can be flexible, just as long as you’re committed to making it happen regularly.

My goal is to bring back meditation daily!

And, if your goal is the same, I’ve provided this handy Meditation Challenge worksheet to keep you on track.

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