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4 Ways to Integrate Mindfulness in Schools | Kids Yoga Stories

4 Ways to Integrate Mindfulness in Schools

This is part of the post that was written for, a website dedicated to sharing evidence- and practitioner-based learning strategies that empower teachers and parents to improve K-12 education. To read the whole article, click the link below. Mindfulness in Schools: Is mindfulness part of your classroom curriculum? Why it should be! Now more […]

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Yoga for Creativity: encouraging children's creativity through yoga and meditation | Kids Yoga Stories

Yoga for Creativity

This is an excerpt from a post that was written for Yogi Times, a lifestyle guide for the modern yogi, titled “Encouraging Children’s Creativity through Yoga.” See below for the link to the entire article. A creative mind can think critically, solve problems, and take risks. We often think of painting projects when we imagine […]

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Best Mother's Day Gift Ever | Kids Yoga Stories

The Best Mother’s Day Gift

What is the best Mother’s Day gift? The best gift I could ask for on Mother’s Day is sleep. What I wouldn’t give for a lazy afternoon nap or to sleep in on the weekends. And I reckon that I’m not the only mom who wouldn’t love the gift of sleep for Mother’s Day. Research […]

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Monthly goals for December + 40-day Meditation Challenge | Kids Yoga Stories

SMART Goals: December, 2014 + 40-Day Meditation Challenge

Join us for a 40-day meditation challenge! A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I finally stopped procrastinating and began to sit silently for fifteen minutes every morning. After years of talking about meditating, we officially committed after my husband (the left-brain thinker) read a research article. Then I (the right-brain feeler) attended a […]

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5 Ways to Live a Peaceful Life, written by 13-year-old, Annie | on Kids Yoga Stories

5 Ways to Live a Peaceful Life

With absolute delight, I introduce you to our guest writer, Annie.  Not only has Annie traveled the world, but she’s only 13-years-old!  As we get ready for the holiday season, now is a great time to stop and reflect on ways to stay peaceful during our busy schedules. Learn about the yoga, meditation, community service, […]

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Monthly goals for October, 2014 by Kids Yoga Stories

SMART Goals: October, 2014

I’m still buzzing from the first ever Kids Yoga Conference this past weekend in Washington, DC! The clear message flying around the community is how happy we were to meet each other in person. It was like spending a weekend with long-lost friends. The presenters’ content was spectacular, but the connections were golden. Over three […]

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SMART Goals for August and September, 2014 focusing on health, happiness, and passion: on Kids Yoga Stories

SMART Goals: August & September, 2014

Is summer really over? But it’s still warm here in New England! We had a fabulous August, with all of our family visiting from Canada. They even humored me with a photo shoot on the beach in various yoga poses (see picture below). So cute! Now for September, when it’s time to concentrate on back-to-school […]

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